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THE SCENES The fore-stage area represents a Victorian Music Hall with tables, chairs, and a table for the Chairman. Where possible this should be extended into the auditorium in order to link the Audience closely with the Music Hall scenes. Upstage of this is a raised area framed with a false proscenium decorated with lights, which are brought up when a Music Act is being performed. The area beyond represents the "real" streets of Whitechapel MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Saturday Night - Polly, Company 2. Sing, Sing – Company 3. Generally Nice - Marie Kelly 4. God Bless Us - Company 5. Goodbye Day - Marie Kelly, The Girls 6. What a Life - The Gang, The Girls 7. Love - Marie Kelly 8. Ripper's Going to Get You - Daniel, Annie, The Gang 9. Charlie and Queenie - Lizzie, Chairman 10. Half a Dozen Pints - Marie Kelly 11. There's a Boat Coming In – Company 12. Look At Them – Company 13. Suspects - Daniel, Martha, The Gang 14. Policeman's Chorus - PS Coles, Constables 15. Step Across the River - Marie Kelly, Lizzie 16. Montage – Company 17. Saturday Night (Reprise) - Company ORCHESTRATION Electric guitar, bass guitar and drums Discography Jack the Ripper by Original 1975 London Cast