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entrances the men. They are all smitten with her. Now begins a competition for Maria’s affections. Maria is cast as the muse. She begins and is soon serenaded by the 4 Guys. Maria expresses her present distaste of romance which leads into the men wooing her. Maria has had enough. She sings about enforcing her cynicism of love and romance. ACT II At opening Maria is dressed as a traditional peanut vendor. The 4 Guys join her. Changing tone, the company performs the traditional Puerto Rican plena featuring Maria as a Puerto Rican girl leaving New York. Jose Boricua tells the audience of his family’s immigrant history. Jose Cubano, Jose Mexicano and Jose Dominicano also tell about their homelands. Maria then goes off-script for a third time to wonder aloud if the man who just dumped her still thinks of her fondly. The 4 Guys quickly get her back on track. The men then fight over Maria’s attention. Each Guy is convinced that Maria carries his particular Latin heritage. Maria, however, gives them the truth - she is from LA. One by one, each Jose tells the truth of his origin as well. The 4 Guys ask Maria to make a choice between them. To their great surprise she chooses the band’s piano man, Jose de Nebraska! Mariasings in celebration. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Feel It - 4 Guys 2. Perfidia - Maria 3. Then & Now Medley - 4 Guys, Maria 4. La Cumbancha - The Company 5. Nonsense Songs - The Company 6. Mambo Fuego - The Band 7. Las Mulatas Del Cha Cha Cha - 4 Guys 8. Amor, amor - Maria and Company 9. Te Quiero dijiste - Jose Dominicano 10. Besame Mucho - Jose Cubano 11. Quien sera/ Quizas, Quizas, Quizas - Jose Boricua/Jose Mexicano 12. Es Mentiroso - Maria and Company 13. La Manisera - Maria and Company 14. Nostalgia Medley – 4 Guys 15. Mi tierra - Maria and Company 16. Rhythm Divine - Maria and Company 17. Maria Medley - 4 Guys 18. Piensa En Mi - Maria 19. Bang Bang - The Company CAST THE CHARACTERS All five characters are, as we find out at the end of the show, born in the U.S.A. - they are Americans of Latin American descent. They do not have funny Frito Bandito accents. They speak regular American English sprinkled with Spanish words and phrases. They don't all have to be good looking and buff, but each must have charming qualities all his own. (Some of the characters’ attributes may change based on casting.) Character Breakdown: • JOSE CUBANO Older, suave (preferably a baritone). Tends to lecture and to take control of the situation. At times he gets carried away with flowery, long-winded speeches. Teaches Spanish at the University of Nebraska in Omaha. Born in Miami. the show was his idea...or so he likes to think.