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• JOSE DOMINICANO Handsome, all business but fun. He's a computer programmer at Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota. Although he's sexy, he's not always aware of it. He's a true romantic, in the old-world sense of the word. • • JOSE MEXICANO Younger, sweet, with show-business ambitions. He's a waiter at Burrito World in Lincoln, Nebraska. In the summer he plays "the villain" in the melodramas presented at the Mahoney State Park (which is located between Lincoln and Omaha.) Born in Chicago. • JOSE BORICUA Handsome, a lady's man, streetwise. A little vain and definitely a show-off. He's a youth counselor at Boys Town in Omaha. In his youth he was a "bad boy" himself. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. • MARIA A beautiful sultry Latin siren. Sharp-tongued and no-nonsense, She feels somewhat uncomfortable playing the "beautiful Maria" role -- but this does not stop her from always singing her heart out. She's obsessed with the man who dumped her. She's all the MARIAs and none of the MARIAs. She has a multicultural background. She was born in Manhattan and raised in Minneapolis. INSTRUMENTATION: Orchestrations by Oscar Hernandez Drums Percussion DISCOGRAPHY 4 Guys Named Jose: (Original Cast)/...And Una Mujer Named Maria!