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4 GUYS NAMED JOSÉ … and Una Mujer Named Maria Musical in 2 acts. Book and Song Selection by: Dolores Prida; Conceived by: David Coffman and Dolores Prida; Director's Book by: Susana Tubert. Lyrics by: Various; Music by: Various Musical Supervision and Arrangements by: Oscar Hernandez John Houseman Theater, Off-Broadway - 21 April, 2000. Transferred to the Blue Angel Theater, opened 18th September, 2000, Closed 4th March, 2001 SYNOPSIS Four young Latino men have a chance meeting at Burrito World in Omaha and discover they share the same name! Even though their ancestral roots are different (one is from Puerto Rico, one is from Cuba, one is from Mexico and one is from the Dominican Republic), not only do they share a common name, they share a common dream: to stage a show of Latin standards that puts forth a positive image to counteract Latino stereotypes. Enter Maria, a beautiful woman who provides a romantic interest as the gentlemen vie for her attentions. Performed in Spanish and English, 4 Guys Named José… And Una Mujer Named Maria features some of the most evocative Latin music ever written (including such standards as La Bamba, Guantanamera, I Like It Like That and Bésame Mucho) sung in four and five-part harmony. The show is brimming with the zest of life intrinsic to the Latino culture. STORY ACT I Jose Cubano, Jose Domincano, Jose Mexicano and Jose Boricua met in Burrito World in Nebraska. They decided that since they each love to sing and dance so much they should put on a show of the golden oldies they learned from their parents. The local Veteran’s Hall is thus transformed into a tropical paradise. The 4 Guys introduce themselves and their onstage band, El Trio Los Omahaenos. With 'Maria Bonita' they expect the entrance of their fifth performer, Maria. She doesn’t arrive. The men panic until they hear activity offstage. They again prepare for Maria’s entrance. She arrives. But she is the wrong Maria. This Maria begins her wild story: the original Maria, her roommate, could not make the show and she’s taken her place but her boyfriend dumped her that day, so she’s a mess. With she culls sympathy from the audience and the 4 Guys about her broken heart. Jose Cubano, however, scolds them. They are not following what has been scripted for the show. They shoo Maria offstage so that she can get into costume and entertain the audience as to how they all met at Burrito World. When Maria returns, Jose Cubano gives Maria cue cards to keep her on track. She takes the first opportunity not to follow them. Jose Cubano gently guides her back to the script. The company gives the history of Latin music and prepares the audience to hear lyrics in both Spanish and English. This leads into 'Frenesi', a song about passionate love. They fall into a Spanish lesson game with the audience. Next, the 4 Guys give a lesson to the audience in Latin Dance which begins with 'Cumbia' and goes into a Cuban Conga, a Merengue of Santo Domingo, and Salsa. Maria jumps in. But the men have not rehearsed a dance number with the other Maria. Eventually, they permit her to join them. Something about her dancing