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The gifts start arriving soon, and the pressure gets to Sally when she gets three toasters all in Marshall Field boxes which upon returning she finds to have actually come from wholesale outlets. Tilly has also picked out an apartment for the couple. As upset as Sally is, Gerry calms her down by saying it doesn't matter where they live as long as they're together - "There's A Room In My House." faAlfie is further upset because he won't have his niece embarrassed on his lawn at her own wedding by having fewer guests than the groom's family. Alfie has a small family; nevertheless, he tries to dig up enough relatives to match the Siegel's. To him the whole thing is like a big football game. In his mind we see an imaginary musical football game with both families fighting it out to see how the wedding will be done. Ultimately, Alfie decides that the wedding will be at his house - his way. Unfortunately, all that only existed in Alfie's mind because the wedding gets so big that it has to be moved to the country club with 400 guests. He hires, Hazel Lumpe, a wedding consultant - a woman Tilly doesn't like. Hazel is ready to do things her way - not Tilly's way - not even Alfie's way. Pretty soon all parties are fighting about everything from the band to dresses to cake to rabbi in a very ironical number called "Harmony." With Hazel Lumpe now in charge Alfie is going crazier than ever. The arriving gifts are also just getting weirder. Tilly's constant complaining has Morris also going crazy and he suggests that the kids just elope. Alfie and Tilly finally have a fight to end all fights. The act ends with Alfie throwing everyone out of his house, and Sally and Gerry wondering if they even want to get married at all. ACT TWO Back at her own house, Tilly is furious. How dare Alfie throw her out of his house like that? Tilly decides that neither Alfie nor any of his relatives will be invited to the bridal dinner. Morris has had enough and puts his foot down - he wants them to apologize to Alfie. She says that she will most certainly not do that. Instead, she fights with her husband and demands justice. Yes, she talks about this wedding a lot, but Morris also talks about their approaching vacation to Greece. "Now Morris" Isn't it the same? Morris replies that it is not the same. Singing "Now Morris" he echoes back to her all the things he has endured with his wife over the years. Back with Alfie we see that he is breaking out in hives because of all this. He is further agitated to learn from Gerry and Sally that neither he nor his relatives are welcome to the bridal dinner. After hearing this, he is out for blood. At the bachelor party, neither Alfie nor Morris shows up. Nevertheless Gerry and his brother-in-law have a "Wonderful Party" with a myriad of people in the bar. Sally comes to talk with her uncle. Should she marry Gerry? Is her future with him going to be just like this entire engagement period? Unfortunately, her uncle is more concerned with getting the wedding his way and getting "Revenge" then in helping his troubled niece figure out what's best for her. Sally goes to bed while Alfie broods and at 4AM ultimately calls his own rabbi to preside at the service and also orders the cake from the place he originally wanted to get it. At the rehearsal dinner, Morris isn't talking to Tilly. He has canceled their dream vacation to the Greek Islands. Morris can't keep up with this anymore and just leaves Tilly alone. She sings "Summer Is Over." realizing that her actions have done more than simply upset Alfie. Alfie arrives at the country club and we find that there are indeed three cakes (Tilly had her brother, the baker, make one). Hazel, the wedding consultant throws her two cents, too, and once again no one is talking to each other - just casting blame. Gerry and Sally finally step forward and tell them that they are all selfish, petty and egocentric. It's true. Tilly, Morris, and Alfie have all acted terribly. Alone, each tells us "I'm Worse Than Anybody." We find Gerry and Sally alone. They find that there are three rabbis - Gerry doesn't know what to do. Sally finally speaks her mind and says that she wants a man who knows what to do. He does know what to do - love her forever. Ultimately, they pledge to each other and Gerry sings that "What I Say Goes." In the last scene, Tilly, Morris, and Alfie also make up and the wedding is beautiful.