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A FAMILY AFFAIR Musical comedy in 2 acts: Music by John Kander : Book by James and William Goldman: Lyrics by James Goldman and Jolin Kander Billy Rose Theatre, Broadway - January 27, 1962 (65 perfs) STORY: ACT ONE A Family Affair is a musical set in Chicago that tells the story of a family wedding (from engagement to the big day) and all that goes into it. We don't just see the lovely side of the bride and groom. We get to see the inner workings of all parties involved (especially the families) as they prepare for that "special day." As the show opens, we see Gerry Siegel, a young successful Harvard graduate lawyer, proposing marriage to Sally Nathan, an attractive young woman. She accepts and they sing a love duet perfect for two people about to be wed, "Anything For You." It all seems wonderful. The scene then shifts to Alfie Nathan's den where we meet Sally's bachelor uncle/guardian. Sally's parents died long ago, and Alfie has been both father and mother to her. He is sobbing as he phones Gerry's parents, Morris and Tilly Siegel. Morris answers the phone. Alfie informs them of the wedding. Upon hearing the news, Morris and Tilly elatedly rush over to Alfie's house to greet the waiting wedding couple. The wedding plans begin. Gerry and Sally have decided to have a small "family affair" right in Alfie's living room. Will this small wedding be fine enough for all parties involved? Only time will tell with two Jewish families battling it out to the end. But for now, everything seems to be "Beautiful." Later that night, back at the Morris house Tilly ruminates about all that she has missed in her life as far as weddings are concerned. She and Morris eloped and their own daughter, Babs, got married in the army. They have never really "experienced" a family wedding. Even though Alfie is technically "mother of the bride," Tilly can't help but wonder if he might not need just a little help with the everything. After all, he's just a bachelor uncle/guardian who is really a successful real estate man. What does he know about planning a wedding? Tilly promises Morris that she will not interfere. She just tells everyone she can phone that "My Son, the Lawyer" is getting married. The next day Alfie tries to make a few calls and tell people about the wedding, but finds that there is no one to tell - Tilly has beat him to it. Alfie feels a bit left out, but moves forward to plan the wedding. He makes a few mistakes here and there, but Tilly is right there ready to "help out." At the bridal shop Tilly and Alfie politely fight as they help Sally purchase her trousseau. Tilly doesn't think anything is quite right, and Alfie would just like to get the job over and done with. No one really seems to care what Sally thinks. To top everything off, Alfie announces that his living room will only hold forty guests - twenty for the bride, twenty for the groom. Tilly is horrified - she has many relatives and friends whom she must invite. After further fighting about the bridal dresses, Tilly and Alfie both leave. Sally and Babs, her future sister-in-law, stay and sing about the joys of all this in "Every Girl Wants to Get Married." At his country club Alfie tells his friends about the "trousseau experience." As the guys laugh about the whole affair, they ask Alfie about the day when he finally gets married. Alfie has no plans to get married. His friend, Weaver, says that there must be plenty of "right girls" who liked to get married. Alfie says that unfortunately that's just the problem. There are too many "Right Girls" who don't get into any trouble - what fun is all that? Tilly throws an "engagement luau" in her backyard for a variety of reasons. First-of-all, she wants to show Alfie just how great a back yard would be for a wedding. Maybe then, he'll move the wedding from his living room to his yard so she can invite more guests. Tilly's entire family meets him at this luau, and ultimately, Alfie is tricked into moving the wedding to his lawn. To top things off, Tilly (who has vacationed in Hawaii) dances "Kalva Bay" in hopes that the young couple will choose that spot for their honeymoon.