Shows F

MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Overture 2. Anything for You - Gerry & Sally 3. Beautiful - Alfie 4. My Son, the Lawyer - Tilly 5. Every Girl Wants to Get Married - Sally & Babs 6. Right Girls - Tilly & Morris 7. Kalua Bay - Gerry & Sally 8. There's a Room in My House - Gerry & Sally 9. Siegal Marching Song 10. Nathan Marching Song 11. Harmony - Miss Lumpe, Mr Weaver, Harry & Fifi 12. Now, Morris - Morris 13. Wonderful Party - Gerry & Kenny 14. Revenge - Alfie & Voices 15. Summer Is Over - Tilly 16. I'm Worse Than Anybody - Tilly Morris & Alfie 17. What I Say Goes - Gerry 18. The Wedding. INSTRUMENTATION: Violin, cello, bass, alto sax (Eb clar, pic, flute), alto sax (flute, pic, clar), tenor sax (clar, oboe, Eng. horn), bari sax (bass clar, flute, clar), trumpet I, II, III, trombone, horn, percussion, guitar, harp, piano/conductor. CAST: - 33 parts, 6 principal, 6 supporting roles. Principals Alfie, comic actor who sings and dances. Gerry and Sally, the bride and groom, actors who sing and dance. Tilly, character actress who sings. Morris, character actor who sings. Miss Lumpe, comedienne who sings and dances. Some intricate choral work. Total cast, 33-50. FULL CAST Alfie Nathan - Sally's guardian, chatty, impetuous, stubborn Babs - Sally's sister with a young family Bernice - Tillie's relatives Betty Jane - Alfie's girl friend Big Sadie - Tillie's relatives Brash girl - Bronko - Christopher - Babs' 5-year-old son Cindy - Alfie's girl friend Daughter - Emil, - Tillie's relatives Fifi Gerry Siegal - The groom, handsome, stressed-out Harry - Not-too-talented band leader Irma - Alfie's girl friend Jenny - A salesgirl at Marshall Field's Kenny - Babs' husband, Gerry's confidant Little Sadie - Tillie's relatives Marie Rose - Alfie's girl friend Milton - Tillie's relatives Miss Lumpe - Bossy, chic wedding planner Morris Siegal - Tilly's husband, intelligent, voice of reason Morton - Tillie's relatives Mother - Mother Lederer - The Siegal matriarch Mrs. Forsythe - Alfie's smart aleck maid Quiet girl - Sally Nathan - The bride, resigned, hopeful Simon - Tillie's relatives Sports Announcer - Tilly Siegal - Gerry's mother, a tough, brassy Jewish mom Weaver - Country Club operator, aims to please Wilma - Alfie's girl friend