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Solo Dancer - EILEEN O'CONNOR Costumes by Charles James, Ltd. Scene 9. THE YOUNGER DE-GENERATION (RONALD JEANS) (A) A Psycho-Analyst - RALPH ROBERTS The Child - SADIE CORRE The Mother - ELISABETH CORCORAN (B) Penelope - CLAIRE LUCE George - WALLACE DOUGLAS Crump (their Butler) - GERALD NODIN The Footman - VIC OLIVER Monica Sitzwell - JUNE SPENCER-DYKE Lionel Sapp - LANCE LISTER Jane Wiffin - IRIS MARCH Jimmy Wiffin - PHILIP MORGAN Claire Luce's and Iris March's dresses by Charles James, Ltd. Scene 10. "CUBA" (Ciro Rimac conducting) (A) CIRO RIMAC'S " RUMBALAND MUCHACHOS" 1. MAXIXE-CARIOCA - CIRO RIMAC and CARITO 2. HOT MAMA INEZ - CHARLEY BOY 3. LA RUMBA - CARITO and CHARLEY BOY 4. JAZZ IMITATION - THE RIMACS (B) Song—"NICOTINA" (Lyric by DESMOND CARTER) LANCE FAIRFAX, EVE, CONCHITA, Mr. COCHRAN'S YOUNG LADIES and FULL COMPANY Dances by—CLAIRE LUCE and PHILLIP MORGAN, DIAZ OFELIA and CORREA PIMENTO Costumes designed by ERNST STERN, executed by L. & H. Nathan, Ltd. Claire Luce's dress by Charles James, Ltd. Madeline Gibson's dress by Xenia, Ltd. Iris March's and other modern dresses by Reville, Ltd. PART II. Scene II. Polonaise—Mr. COCHRAN'S YOUNG LADIES Costumes designed by ERNST STERN, executed by B. J. Simmons & Co., Ltd. Scene 12. ALOYSIA (JOHN HASTINGS TURNER) A Lady - GWEN RADCLIFFE Her Partner - GERALD NODIN Another Lady - JUNE SPENCER-DYKE Her Partner - PHILIP MORGAN