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A Major-Doma - KENNETH WARE Ist Flunkey - STANLEY HAIG-BROWN 2nd Flunkey - MARKBY RYAN The Princess of Orange - ELISABETH CORCORAN Mozart - WALLACE DOUGLAS Aloysia Weber - IRENE EISINGER Guests: - OLGA ACKROYD, PAT ADAMS, PEGGY BARTROP, SARAH CHURCHILL, LISA D'ESTERRE, TONI DEXTER, FELICITY LAWFORD, GWEN RADCLIFFE, GEORGE BOWLER, DONALD CARSON, FRASER COSS, JEAN DAVAUT, PAT DAY, MORTON FLAVELLE, ALEXANDER FRANKS, W. LAWSON-McLAREN, AUBREY ROUSE, BARRY SHERWOOD, PAUL STANTON Song — La Finite Semplice - (Mozart) IRENE EISINGER Scene and costumes rearranged from a design by KOMISARJEVSKY: The costumes executed by Motley, Ltd. Scene 13. CRUISING; or, "ENGLISH AS SHE IS SPOKE" (RONALD JEANS) A Sailor - STANLEY HAIG-BROWN A Deck Steward - LANCE LISTER A Lancashire Man - GERALD NODIN His Wife - BETTY SHALE A Scotsman - KENNETH WARE An American Girl - CLAIRE LUCE Song—"How High Can a Little Bird Fly?" (Lyric by HOWARD DIETZ) CLAIRE LUCE and Mr. COCHRAN'S YOUNG LADIES Speciality Dance - ALAN SHIRES Claire Luce's costumes by Roy Montgomerie: Mr. Cochran's Young Ladies' dresses designed by ADA PEACOCK and executed by Reville, Ltd. Scene 14. AN ENGLISHMAN'S HOME (JOHN HASTINGS TURNER) Dick Warner - VIC OLIVER Lilian Wells - IRIS MARCH Mr. Wells - RALPH ROBERTS Mrs. Wells - BETTY SHALE Charlie Wells - ALBERT KINGSTON Harold Wells - JEAN DAVAUT Betty Wells - ZENA DELL Grannie - MARGARET CHATWIN Iris March's dress by K. Fisher, Ltd. Scene 15. ECONOMY VIC OLIVER and IRIS MARCH