Shows F

1st Policeman - JEAN DAVAUT 2nd Policeman - W. LAWSON-McLAREN A Doctor - PHILIP MORGAN Sir Roscoe Candlebury - RALPH ROBERTS Lady Candlebury- BETTY SHALE Scene 3. THE TWO SOULYS Scene 4. THE COMING YEAR AT OLYMPIA (RONALD JEANS) The Demonstrator - VIC OLIVER A Typist - GWEN RADCLIFFE The Mayfair Flat - ELISABETH CORCORAN An Ordinary Man - KENNETH WARE The Pedestrian of 1945 - PETER GYLL Elisabeth Corcoran's dress by Tiziana, Ltd. The Costume of the Pedestrian (1945) designed by ERNST STERN; Executed by L. & H. Nathan Ltd. Scene 5. THE THREE HOLY KINGS (Music by HANNES RUCH; Words adapted from Heine's Poem by DESMOND CARTER) The Singer - IRENE EISINGER Her Attendants: OLIVE ACKROYD, MAISIE BAXTER, EDNA BROUGH, LISA D'ESTERRE, PEGGY HALE, EVELYN ROUSE The Three Kings - LANCE FAIRFAX, MORTON FLAVELLE, ALEXANDER FRANKS The Angels - VIVIEN LAMBELET, JUNE SPENCER-DYKE Costumes designed by ERNST STERN. Executed by B. J. Simmons & Co., Ltd. Scene 6. THE LADY WITH THE TAP (Lyric by HOWARD DIETZ, Idea Conceived by VINCENTE MINNELLI) An Officer - GERALD NODIN His Men: - DONALD CARSON, FRANK COSS, MORTON FLAVELLE, ALEXANDER FRANKS, AUBREY ROUSE, MARKBY RYAN, BARRY SHERWOOD, PAUL STANTON The Soldiers - Mr. COCHRAN'S YOUNG LADIES The Lady with the Tap - CLAIRE LUCE Claire Luce's dress designed and made by Xenia, Ltd. The other costumes designed by ERNST STERN, Executed by L. & H. Nathan, Ltd. Scene 7. BROADCASTING (RONALD JEANS) The English Singer - BETTY SHALE B.B.C. Announcer - RALPH ROBERTS The American Singer - MADELINE GIBSON U.S.A. Announcer - VIC OLIVER Scene 8. LOVE IS A DANCING THING (Lyric by HOWARD DIETZ) IRENE EISINGER and Mr. COCHRAN'S YOUNG LADIES