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clarinet), Reed IV (bassoon), 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, drums, percussion, Keyboard I (piano/ synth), Keyboard II (synth), Keyboard III (synth), 3 violins, 2 cellos, bass MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 1. There You Are - Chairman, Company 2. A Man Could Go Quite Mad - Jasper/Paget 3. Two Kinsmen - B. Buckley, Jasper/Paget 4. Moonfall - Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine 5. Moonfall (reprise) - Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine, Helena Landless/Janet Conover, Alice/Isabel, Beatrice/Florence 6. The Wages of Sin - C. Lame 7. Jasper's Vision - N. Gunn, B. Miskell, Succubae, S. Glavin 8. Ceylon - B. Buckley, Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine, Helena Landless/Janet Conover, J. Herrera, Ensemble 9. Both Sides of the Coin - Jasper/Paget, Chairman, Ensemble 10. Perfect Strangers - B. Buckley, Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine 11. No Good Can Come from Bad - J. Herrera, B. Buckley, Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine, Helena Landless/ Janet Conover, G. N. Martin, Jasper/Paget, J. Grifasi 12. The Name of Love/Moonfall (reprise) - Rosa Bud/Deirdre Peregrine, Jasper/Paget, Ensemble ACT 2 13. Settling Up the Score - Dick Datchery, C. Laine, Ensemble 14. Off to the Races - Chairman, J. Dempsey, S. Glavin, Ensemble 15. Don't Quit While You're Ahead - C. Laine, Company 16. (The Voting: Settling Up the Score reprise) - Company 17. The Garden Path to Hell - C. Laine 18. (The Solution) - Entire Company CAST Mayor Thomas Sapsea Chairman William Cartwright Edwin Drood Dick Datchery Miss Alice Nutting Rosa Bud Miss Deirdre Peregrine John Jasper Mr. Clive Paget The Princess Puffer Miss Angela Prysock The Rev. Crisparkle Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe Neville Landless Mr. Victor Grinstead Helena Landless Miss Janet Conover Bazzard / The Waiter Mr. Philip Bax Durdles Mr. Nick Cricker Deputy Master Nick Cricker Murderers • John Jasper - Jasper was madly in love with Rosa Bud, and his violent split personality gladly killed Drood. • Rosa Bud - Meant to kill Jasper in revenge for his lustful advances, but killed Drood by accident as Drood was wearing Jasper's coat. • Neville Landless - Humiliated by Drood, Neville murdered him in order to regain his pride and also to have a chance with Rosa Bud. • Helena Landless - Knowing her brother's hot temper, Helena murdered Drood so Neville would not be tempted to seek revenge.