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• Princess Puffer - Intended to kill Jasper in order to protect Rosa from his advances, but accidentally killed Drood because he was wearing Jasper's coat. • The Rev. Mr. Crisparkle - After converting to priesthood after the death of Rosa's mother, believed Jasper to be the incarnation of Satan and killed Drood mistakenly, for Drood was wearing Jasper's overcoat. • Bazzard - In an effort to boost his role in the show, murders Drood. This is definitely the most metatheatrical of the endings. • Durdles - After Jasper laid Drood in the crypt, Durdles believed the still-alive Drood to be a ghost and so smashed his head in. SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place at the Music Hall Royale this evening. Opening comments by Your Chairman, Mr. William Cartwright, immediately followed by the Music Hall Royale's presentation of The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Act 1: The Situation. Scene 1: The home of John Jasper at Minor Canon Corner in the cathedral city of Cloisterham, (England). A morning in late December. Scene 2: The conservatory at the Nun's House, a seminary for young women in Cloisterham High Street. Later that morning. Scene 3: Cloisterham High Street, outside the residence of Mayor Thomas Sapsea. The following afternoon. Scene 4: The opium den of Princess Puffer in the East End of London. Dawn, the next day. Scene 5: Cloisterham High Street. That afternoon. Scene 6: The crypts of Cloisterham Cathedral. Late that night. Scene 7: The ruins of Cloisterham. Christmas Eve. Scene 8: The home of John Jasper. A short time later. Scene 9: Minor Canon Corner. Christmas day and night. Act 2: The Sleuths. Scene I: Cloisterham Station. Six months later. Scene 2: Cloisterham High Street. Scene 3: The Voting; the Solution. The Mystery Of Edwin Drood (The 2013 New Broadway Cast Recording)