Shows D

Hannah laments her unattached state. The sibilant challenged Sir Freddy arrives. She nabs him and sweeps him into the ballroom. Mme Dubonnet (Madame K) confides in Hortense explaining she cannot do her nightclub act for it would reveal to Polly that her stepmother is a lowly cabaret performer. She convinces Hortense to don a mask and go on in her place. Bobby and Maisie are still at odds. She's still determined to divorce him. He urges her to dance. She joins him reluctantly. The manager of the Cafe Pataplon introduces the act, and Hortense, wearing a mask, goes on as Madame K. Percy (disguised as the President) leaps up to expose the impostor, tears off Hortense's mask and Mme Dubonnet steps in singing a line from the cabaret song. Percy is overwhelmed. She, in turn, exposes him. He's not the President of Monomania! He admits it tearing off the beard. Polly cries out "Daddy!" Lady Brockhurst and her uniformed girls march in and perform a military drill. A champagne bottle literally explodes! Someone has placed a bomb in the jeroboam to kill the President of Monomania. The real President enters and commends Percy for his bravery in impersonating him and putting himself on the line. The President invites all to continue the party aboard his yacht. Percy, Mme Dubonnet, and Polly are reunited. The proper British Sir Freddy and the all-American Hannah are reunited, too. Act III On board the President's yacht Polly and Tony are reunited, each apologizing for playing games and acting foolish. They are in each other's arms. Polly and Bobby run into each other on deck and she assures him everything is patched up between her and Tony. Maisie is approaching them as the yacht lurches and Polly stumbles into Bobby's arms. Maisie, in tears, runs off. Entertaining the President and his guests, Mme Dubonnet sings (a la Marlene Dietrich) "Blondes For Danger", warning sailors to beware of this breed but cautions them about the dangerous blonde). Commending Percy for his heroism, the President awards him a deed to the Monomanian Platinum Mine. Percy and Mme Dubonnet embrace. Hannah has Sir Freddy in tow; they're to be married. Bobby is searching for Maisie. Lady Brockhurst is shocked to see her girls have traded their scouting uniforms for scanty shorts, sailor caps and tap shoes as they break into song with a trio of sailors. Maisie, in an abbreviated seafaring uniform, leads the cast in the song and dance. Bobby patches things up with Maisie, supported by Polly and Tony. Suddenly Polly faints. In turn Maisie and the other girls faint as well. Their husbands come to their rescue - all delighted to discover they're all in the family. THE SCENES Act I The foyer of the Hotel du Paradis. The Promenade des Anglais. Balconies at the Hotel du Paradis. Act II Outside the Café Pataplon. On board the President of Monomania's Yacht