Shows D

again and sing of a special girl "Maisie" they remember from their carefree single days. Lady Brockhurst (Polly's mother-in-law) arrives on the scene with a trio of young girls dressed in hiking gear. Their anthem is urging one and all to forget the city and explore the rugged life of the great outdoors. She brings her troops to a halt, and, of course, Lord Brockhurst, dressed in plus fours is a reluctant member of her troop - far more interested in pinching rather than bringing up the rear. The troop march off in search of a spot to pitch camp, and true to form, Lord Brockhurst sneaks off in the opposite direction in pursuit of a skirt. He runs into Dulcie, Fay and Nancy, and they agree not to snitch on each other - all having deserted their mates for a bit of frolicking. The President of Monomania and Percy, in a tropical suit and dark glasses, greet one another as compatriots. Since they are of the same stature and with the addition of a false beard and wearing the President's uniform, Percy agrees to go in the President's place to the gala at the Cafe Pataplon. The President must be elsewhere for a reason he cannot reveal. Percy agrees to take on the role. Then he spots Madame K featured on a poster. He gasps recognizing Kiki, his wife (Mme Dubonnet) but with blond hair. Scene 3 reveals two balconies side by side. Hortense and Gaston (both of the hotel staff) are inspecting each of the suites and simultaneously come out on the balconies to get a glimpse of the Riviera view. Ever dedicated to their chosen professions, their duet describes their dream resort, as other members of the staff join in the song. They exit before Polly enters one suite, kissing the photo of her husband Sir Tony; Bobby in the other suite follows suit, kissing the photo of his Maisie. Polly's on her balcony. He's on his. What a coincidence. He invites her, just as old friends, of course, to his balcony for champagne. They drink to absent mates. They dance a bit. She protests at little saying they must say goodnight before anything silly happens. They dance a bit more from his suite to hers. He accidentally drops a scarf he's wearing in her quarters. The telephone rings. It's her husband, Tony. Bobby gets a call on his telephone. It's Maisie. In the adjoining suite Sir Tony spots the scarf. He argues with Polly as to what it's doing there. Angrily he exits-to take a bath. She rushes to the balcony to tell Bobby about his scarf. His news is that Maisie's on her way up. He welcomes Maisie to the suite and pours champagne. The glass has lipstick on it. She accuses him of having a secret lover - so that's why he came to Nice! In tears she rushes out of the room. He calls for Polly from the balcony and lets her know he has made Maisie as jealous as she has made her Tony. Isn't it delicious? Soon, from inside each suite, we can hear their mates apologize for their suspicious behaviour. Polly and Bobby signal one another that they've each won this round. The next morning each couple in turn in pyjamas and negligées on their respective balconies have breakfast. The two couples spot each other. What a coincidence! Bobby puts on an act of surprise, as does Polly. Suddenly Hannah, Bobby's older husband-hunting sister, bursts in looking for her brother. Sir Tony’s mum, Lady Brockhurst, still in her camping togs, looking for her son and complaining about the hotel management follows the intrusion. She seems to have set up her tent in the hotel gardens. Arguments ensue. Hannah introduces herself to Sir Freddy once she discovers he's a baronet. From the suite above, Madame K (Mme Dubonnet) complains about all the noise below. Enter valets, chambermaids, manicurists, and chefs, all squeezing into the tiny room as pandemonium ends the act. Act II Outside the Cafe Pataplon, Hannah mentions the scarf as well as the lipstick stain on the glass and provokes another argument between each couple (Tony vs. Polly as well as Bobby vs. Maisie). Others arrive at the cabaret discovering their mate’s flirting. Husbands and wives are shocked at each other’s capricious behaviours, accusing one another. The President (actually Percy in a false beard, the president's military uniform, and dark glasses) is ceremoniously announced as the Monomania "Anthem" is struck up by the band. Percy, upon seeing his daughter Polly, does a double take and enters the ballroom.