Shows D

MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. Here We Are In Nice Again - Dulcie, Nancy, Fay, Hortense, Ensemble 3. Whatever Happened To Love? - Polly, Dulcie, Nancy, Fay 4. Someone To Dance With - Bobby, Ensemble 5. Lights! Music! - Mme Dubonnet, Ensemble 6. Maisie - Marcel, Pierre, Alphonse 7. Back To Nature - Lady Brockhurst, Sir Freddy, Cecelia, Prunella, Felicity 8. On The Loose - Lord Brockhurst, Dulcie, Nancy, Fay 9. Paradise Hotel - Hortense, Gaston, Hotel Staff 10. No Harm Done - Bobby, Polly 11. Together Again - Tony, Polly, Maisie, Bobby Act II 12. Divorce Me, Darling! - Polly, Bobby, Tony, Maisie, Dulcie, Alphonse, Fay, Marcel, Nancy, Pierre 13. Here Am I - Hannah 14. Out Of Step - Bobby, Maisie, Ensemble 15. Lights! Music! (reprise) - Mme Dubonnet, Hortense 16. Fancy Forgetting (reprise) - Hortense, Mme Dubonnet 17. Together Again (reprise) - Percival, Mme Dubonnet, Polly 18. You're Absolutely Me - Hannah, Sir Freddy Act III 19. Back Where We Started - Polly, Tony, Dulcie, Alphonse, Fay, Marcel, Nancy, Pierre 20. Blondes For Danger - Mme Dubonnet, Ensemble 21. Swing Time Is Here To Stay - Maisie, Ensemble 22. Divorce Me, Darling (reprise) - Ensemble ORCHESTRATION Flute, Clarinet/Sax, Trumpet, Bass, Piano, Percussion DISCOGRAPHY 1997 Original London Cast Recording Ruthie Henshall & Tim Flavin & Andrew Halliday & Sandy Wilson & Original 1997 Revival Cast of Divorce Me, Darling! Studio Cast Recording Kevin Colson Liliane Montevecchi Tim Flavin Sandy Wilson Marti Webb