Shows B

Act 3 Scene 1: Lord Shayne’s house (as for Act 1, Scene 1 except for furniture and decoration), 1895. Scene 2: The same, 1929 Musical Numbers: The Call of Life - Lady Shane & Chorus I’ll See You Again - Carl, Sarah What Is Love? - Sarah and Chorus The Last Dance - Men and Girls Finale Act I - Company Opening Act II - “Life in the morning isn’t too bright …” - Waiters, Cleaners Ladies of the Town - Hansi, Freda, Gussi and Lotte If Love Were All - Manon Evermore and a Day - Sari and Carl Dear Little Café - Sari and Carl Officers’ Chorus Tokay - Lieutenant Tranisch and Chorus Bonne Nuit, Merci - Manon Waltz Song “ ‘Tis time that we were parted …” - Manon and Chorus Tarara Boom-de-ay - Double Chorus Alas, the Time is Past - Victoria, Harriet, Effie Quartette: We All Wore a Green Carnation - Vernon, Cedric, Henry, Bertram Zigeuner - Sari Finale - company Orchestration 1st and 2nd Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, 2 Clarinets, Bassoon, 2 Horns, 2 Trumpets, Trombone, Drums, Harp. Stage Band (basic): Piano, Violin, Accordion, Banjo/Guitar; plus Cello, Clarinet, Alto Sax (one number each). Drums should also be included, although no set score is provided Musical Directors are advised to borrow the Conductor’s score before commencing rehearsals with the company Noel Coward: Bitter Sweet by Peggy Wood, Vanessa Lee, Evelyn Laye, Jane Marnac, Roberto Cardinali Cast Recording, Original recording remastered edition (2009)