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BUSY IZZY A Sparkling Musical Entertainment (a Musical Comedy) in 2 Acts. Written by Jingo. Some songs by James O'Dea and Bob Adams, (some by me and some by him) 58th Street Theatre, New York - 16th - 21st March, 1903 (8 perfs) 58th Street Theatre, New York - 21st - 26th March, 1904 (10 perf s) CAST Izzy Mark, yet easier Gee Whiz, blew in from Yorkville Yube Quick, fast and slow Jim Crow, hard to take Hooley Hapigan, always happy Willie Cheat Harry Smart, a wise guy Will Walk, all the time Seld M. Seels, a drummer Sil E. Kid, a foolish man Jim Pansy Knight Stick, a club man Charles River, a salesman Little Jack Homer Billie Bench, take a seat Sammy Simmer, growing dimmer Eddie Fication Rob Burr, takes well Dan Yube, very deep Y. Knott, he doesn't know Billy Fine, a fact Miss Yoosed and misplaced Daisy Dell, a real daisy May Bell, just like May Dolly Varden, a Lulu Allie Way, her own way Laide Ray, full of hope Lottie Lee, doesn't know Fitzhugh Mae Noe, and may not Ophelia Pulse, go ahead Madge Enary, can't help it Cloe Zinn, it's getting late Minnie Fish, what kind Helen Dutch, what is it in English? Annie How, and finally Celia Lipp, talk is cheap Delia Hand, a good card Ray Ning, Mackintosh's sister Sara Cuse, from New York Carrie All, no trouble SCENES AND SETTINGS • Act 1: Busy Izzy's Fun Emporium. • Act 2: Busy Izzy's Dizzy Hotel. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. "Mr. Dooley" (fromThe Defender) (Music by Jean Schwartz. Lyrics by William Jerome.) - Izzy Mark 2. "Lovely Day for a Walk" - Izzy Mark, Willie Cheat, Gee Whiz, Helen, Minnie, Celia 3. "Sallie Mine"- Yube, Daisy, assisted by "tough" chorus 4. "On Daddy's Back" - Daisy 5. "Daffy Down Dilly" - Daisy 6. "The Bell Boy" - Yube, Company 7. "At Night" (Music and Lyrics by Luce Pagani.) Act 1 (Return engagement) 8. "Back to Work" (Opening Chorus) Shop Girls, Company 9. "I Want to Go Back to London" - Harry. Company 10. "Pettie Mignon" - Mamselle Paree, Company 11. "Busy Izzy Oo" - Izzy Mark, Company 12. "I Never Had Such a Time" - Gee Whiz, Company 13. "Tommy and Me" - Daisy, Yube, assisted by the Company 14. "Something Nice and Foolish" - Izzy, Mamselle Paree 15. "My Dixie Anna" - Daisy, Entire Company