Shows B

SINGING PRINCIPALS Sarah Millick. Victoria, Harriet, Gloria, Honor, Effie and Jane, her closefriends. Manon, a French cabaret entertainer in Vienna. Gussi, Lotte, Freda and Hansi, Viennese ladies of the town. Carl Linden. Lieutenant Tranisch (named in the vocal score as Capt. Schensi). Index of voices required for the singing roles The Marchioness of Shayne (Sarah Millick) - Soprano. Carl Linden - Tenor. Manon - Mezzo-Soprano. Marquis of Steere - Tenor. Lord Edgar James - Baritone. Lord Sorrel - Bass. Mr. Vale - Baritone. Mr. Bethel - Baritone. Mr. Proutie - Top Tenor. Victoria - High Soprano. Harriet - Mezzo. Gloria - Soprano. Honor Deep Contralto. Jane - Contralto. Effie - Contralto. Gussi - Mezzo. Lotte - Mezzo. Freda - Mezzo Hansi - Mezzo. Lieutenant Tranisch - Baritone. Nita - Mezzo. Helen - Mezzo. Jackie - Mezzo. Singer (Act I, Scene I) - Top Tenor. Vernon Craft - Baritone. Lord Henry Jade - Baritone. Cedric Ballantyne - Baritone. Bertram Sellick - Baritone. The Footmen should consist of 2 Basses and 2 Baritones: The Cleaners, 2 Sopranos and 2 Contraltos: The Charwomen, 1 Soprano, 1 Contralto.: The Waiters, 3 Tenors, 3 Basses. Scenes and settings Act 1 Scene 1: Lady Shayne’s London house, Grosvenor Square, 1929. Scene 2: The music room at the Millicks’ house, 1875 (inset). Scene 3: The Millicks’ ballroom Act 2 Herr Schlick’s café in Vienna, 1880