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Love From Judy

Cover to vocal score

Music by Hugh Martin. Book by Eric Maschwitz and Jean Webster

Lyrics by Hugh Martin and Jack Gray. Choreography by Pauline Grant; Orchestrations by Phil Green; Musical Director Philip Martell; Directed by Charles Hickman.
First produced in Coventry in 1951 and later at the Saville Theatre, 25 September, 1952 (594 perfs)


Based on Jean Webster's famous play Daddy Long-Legs this delightful musical contains such numbers as Mardi Gras, It's Better Rich, Daddy Long-Legs, A Touch of Voodoo, Kind to Animals, Ain't Goin' to Marry and Love from Judy. 

The story of Judy, a pretty little drudge in a New England orphanage. One day, a visiting trustee becomes interested in Judy and decides to give her a chance. She does not know the name of her benefactor, but simply calls him Daddy Long-Legs, and writes him letters brimming over with fun and affection. From the Home she goes to a fashionable college and there develops the romance that constitutes much of the play's charm.

Original Cast:

Jerusha Abbott - Jean Carson
Sadie Kate - Barbara Deeks
Gladiola Murphy - Pixie Murphy
Mamie - Moiya Kelly
Loretta - Heather Lee
Mrs. Lippett - Mary Marvin
Mrs. Grace Pritchard - Linda Gray
Cyrus Wykoff - Vincent Lawson
Senator Parsons - Joss Clewes
Jervis Pendleton - Bill O'Connor
Julia Pendleton - Audrey Freeman
Sally McBride - June Whitfield
Jimmy McBride - Johnny Brandon
Gordon McLintock - William Greene
Butterfly - Adelaide Hall
Mrs. Pendleton - Mary Marvin
Mary Lou Wagner - Jeanette Landis
Wilberforce - James Ansley
Walters - Vincent Lawson
Loulie Jean - Anne Foley
Don Mize - David Karry
Ballet Jervis - Rex Reid
Ballet Judy - Irene Claire
Ballet Magnolia - Francis Pidgeon
Captain Le Valier - Thane Bettany

Dancing Girls; Dancing Boys; Singing Girls; Singing Boys; Dancer Singers; Children.

Musical Numbers:


  2. OPENING CHORUS - " Mardi Gras "- That's the last day before Lent
    2a MARDI GRAS EXIT (Chorus) " Mardi Gras" - We've come from Maine and Montana
  3. SONG (Judy) - " I Never Dream When I'm Asleep " - I used to be the kind that dreamed most every night
  4. SONG (Judy) & CHORUS (Orphans) " It's Great to Be an Orphan " - When the fog lifts we can see the penitentiary
  6. CHORUS & DANCE - " Goin' Back to School " - Goin' back to school is the time I dread
  7. SONG (Sally) & CHORUS (Girls) - " Dumb, Dumb, Dumb " - Just 'cause I'm not a brown or redhead
  9. SONG (Grace) - " It's Better Rich " - Decisions, decisions, she'll have to make decisions
  11. DUET (Judy and Jervis) with CHORUS - " Daddy Long-Legs " - I've had nothing to fear
  12. DUET (Judy and Jervis) with CHORUS - " Love from Judy " Love from Judy means Judy loves me
  13. DUET (Butterfly and Jimmy) & CHORUS (Men) - " A Touch of Voodoo " - If you have found your luck with the ladies
  15. DANCE (Julia and Four Dancers) " Skipping Rope Hornpipe "
    15a EXIT MUSIC
  16. SONG (Sally) with CHORUS - " Here We Are " - I was afraid from the start
  17. SONG (Judy) & CHORUS - " Go and Get Your Old Banjo " - Have you ever felt life's made you a joker?
  18. Cover to Original Cast Album



    19a REPRISE (Solo voice and Chorus) - " Here We Are "
  2. REPRISE (Grace) with CHORUS - " Here We Are "
  3. SONG (Butterfly) - " Kind to Animals " - You love ev'ry kitty, that roams around the city
  4. CONCERTED NUMBER (Sally, Jimmy, Butterfly, Wilberforce and Chorus) - " Ain't Gonna Marry " When you go a-courting
  5. SONG ( Jervis) - " My True Love " - Yesterday I saw a rose
  6. with 23
  7. REPRISE (Butterfly) - " Ain't Gonna Marry "
  8. DUET & DANCE (Jimmy and Julia) - " What Do I see in You " I like to speak in whispers
    26a REPRISE ( Judy) - " I never dream when I'm awake "
  10. MELOS
  11. FINAL SCENE, ACT 2 (Jervis, with Chorus, off-stage) - " Love from Judy "
  12. FINALE. CHORUS & DANCE (with Solos Jervis and Judy)
  13. REPRISE. (Full Company) - " Ain't Gonna Marry "
  14. REPRISE. (Full Company) - " Love from Judy "
  15. PLAY-OUT. (Full Company)

Press notices following the London production:


Scenes and Settings


Scene 1. New Orleans, Mardi Gras, 1903
Scene 2. The John Grier Home
Scene 3. A Railway Station, some weeks later
Scene 4. Fergusson Ladies' College, some months later Scene 5. Under the Magnolia
Scene 6. The Campus


Scene 7. Lock Willow Farm, Summer
Scene 8. The Porch at Lock Willow Farm, Autumn
Scene 9. Nightmare
Scene 10. Jervis Pendleton's Study
Scene 11. Finale


Conductor's Score, Lead Violin, 2nd Violin, 3rd Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Flute, 1st Clarinet, 2nd Clarinet, 1st Trumpet, 2nd Trumpet, 3rd Trumpet, 1st Trombone, 2nd Trombone, Percussion, Harp, Piano