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a '50s Rock 'n' Roll musical in 2 acts, 15 scenes: Book, Music and Lyrics by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey

Broadhurst Theatre, Broadway - 14 February, 1972 (3388 perfs)
Produced at the New London Theatre 1973
Revived at the London Astoria 1979 (124 perfs)


Rydell High's spirited class of '59-gum-chewing, hub-cap-stealing, hotrod-loving boys with D.A.s and leatherjackets and their wise-cracking girls in teased curls, bobby sox, and pedal pushers-capture the look and sound of the 1950s in a rollicking musical that salutes the rock 'n' roll era. While hip Danny Zuke and wholesome Sandy Dumbrowski resolve the problems of their mutual attraction for each other, the gang sings and dances its way through such nostalgic scenes as the pyjama party, the prom, the burger palace, and the drive-in movie.


Grease is a class reunion flashback to the "days that were" in the fabulous fifties.

Miss Lynch, still the old-maid English teacher, and the high achievers of the class, Patty Simcox and Eugene Florcyk, are presiding at the head table once again, but the Greasers and all the gang are back in the '50's reliving their hell-raising days at Rydell High.

Kenickie, Roger, Sonny, and the group are pressing Danny about his "hot" summer. Concealing the fact that he met a girl he really cared about and didn't score at all, he leads them on.

Rizzo, the tough-talking leader of the Pink Ladies, joins with other members (Frenchy, Marty, and Jan) in meeting Sandy Dumbrowski, a perfect Sandra Dee, girl-next-door type. As it turns out, Sandy was Danny's summer love.

When Rizzo forces a confrontation, Danny plays the "big deal" for his peers rather than show the tenderness he shared with Sandy last summer. Sandy is confused and hurt by his strange behavior.

At a pyjama party Sandy tried to get into the groove with the other Pink Ladies but gets sick. Rizzo mocks Sandy and splits to join the boys.

Kenickie and the guys customize "Greased Lightnin'," a fouron-the-floor hot rod, guaranteed to snag any girl.

Sandy, still puzzled about Danny, becomes a cheerleader. Danny longs for Sandy but doesn't know how to approach her. It's time for the school dance, a special event to be hosted by Vince Fontaine, the nationally known D.J. There is a dance contest won by Danny and Cha-Cha, an obviously loose lady who seems to drive the final wedge between Danny and Sandy. Frenchy becomes a beauty-school dropout, encounters her teen angel, then flunks out. Rizzo confides that her period is late, and word spreads that she is knocked up. Danny and Sandy are briefly united, but he makes a pass at the drive-in and Sandy walks home.

On second thought, she turns to the girls for help and becomes a greaser's dream girl. Danny is knocked out. Frenchy is back in school and Rizzo is not P.G. Everyone is back together to rock 'n' roll happily ever after.


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For the Chorus

Two gangs, the Pink Ladies and the Burger Palace Boys are involved in twelve of the musical numbers.

Singing Principals

Sandy, Danny, Doody, Kenicke, Marty, Roger, Rizzio and Jan.

Other Principals

Frenchy, Jan, Sonny.

Smaller Parts

Patty, Cha-Cha, Eugene, Vince Fontaine, Johnny Casino, Teen Angel, Miss Lynch.

Scenes and Setting

2 acts, 12 scenes. Unit set with various set pieces. The basic unit is a raised platform with metal stairways up to each side. Posters and ads create the mood of the period, plus rows of school lockers, brick walls, banners, graffiti.



Musical Numbers:

  1. All Choked Up - Sandy and Danny, Pink Ladies & Burger Palace Boys
  2. Alma Mater - Miss Lynch, Patty & Eugene
  3. Alma Mater Parody - Pink Ladies, Burger Palace Boys
  4. Alone at a drive-in Movie - Danny & Burger Palace Boys
  5. Beauty School Dropout - Teen Angel, Frenchy and Choir
  6. Born To Hand-Jive - Johnny Casino and Company
  7. Freddy My Love - Marty & Pink Ladies
  8. Greased Lightnin' - Kenickie & Burger Palace Boys
  9. It's Raining on Prom Night.. - Sandy
  10. Look at Me I'm Sandra Dee - Rizzo
  11. Moonin' - Roger and Jan
  12. Rock 'n' Roll Party Queen - Doody and Roger
  13. Shakin' At the High School Hop - Entire Company
  14. Summer Nights - Sandy & Danny, Pink Ladies, Burger Palace Boys
  15. Those Magic Changes - Doody, Burger Palace Boys & Pink Ladies
  16. There Are Worst Things I Could Do - Rizzo
  17. We Go Together - Pink Ladies and Burger Palace Boys


1 Bass, 1 Reeds (Tenor Saxes 1 & 2), 1 Drum, 1 Guitar 1 & 2

Period and Costumes:


Lighting and Special Effects:

NB: Grease is a creampuff of nostalgia that works best for those who grew up in the '50s. The second act ending is weak. The movie version solved this problem by reprising several songs. The movie is available on videotape and discs.

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NB: This title is on limited release: -please enquire before commencing rehearsals