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THREE CHEERS a Coronation Revue; London Casino - 9 March, 1953 The Cast included: Vic Oliver, Jane Morgan, The Wiere Brothers, The Romanos, Canfield Smith, A. Robins, Sylvia Campbell, Victor Seaforth, Page and Bray, Eight in Harmony Produced by Robert Nesbitt Choreographed by Hazel Gee Costumes by Anthony Holland and Anthony Moore Settings by Edward Delaney Orchestra directed by Jack Walker PROGRAMME PART I ALL ROADS LEAD TO LONDON – (Lyrics by Brian Blackburn, Music by Ernst Wampola) The Receptionists: Eight in Harmony The Porters, - Mary Levack, Patricia Colbourne, Maureen Power, Jill Morse The Visitors: - The Ensemble and The Romanos Brothers IN TOWN TONIGHT - Vic Oliver AN AMERICAN ARRIVES FROM PARIS - Jane Morgan “Hats” - (Words and Music by Edward C. Redding) A GUY AND HIS DOLL Canfield Smith and Snodgrass PIANO FANTASIA - Scene: The Academy of Music Vic Oliver (himself) The Visions: - Sylvia Campbell, Daphne Kiernander, David Gilbert and The Ensemble HERBERT, HENRY & SYLVESTER The Wiere Brothers Assisted By Mildred Seymour BANG GOES THE DRUM - (Music and Lyrics by David Heneker) The Singer: - Jane Morgan “Up Go the Lights - Out Go the Flags” - Jane Morgan & The Ensemble PART 2 GALA BALL The Revellers - The Ensemble The Ballerinas - Mary Levack, Patricia Colbourne, Maureen Power, Jill Morse YES, WE HAVE NO BANANAS! – A. Robins