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accepts, "because if it's marriage I've got in mind, love has everything to do with it." Jimmy reveals himself to be Herbert J. Van Hossmere III — Muzzy's stepson, Miss Dorothy's brother and one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. The two couples kiss as a throng of fabulous flappers appears. Through them walks another girl from nowhere, ready to take her chances in the never-ending tale that is New York City. CAST in order of appearance • Millie Dillmount • Jimmy Smith • Ruth • Gloria • Rita • Alice • Ethel Peas • Cora • Lucille • Mrs. Meers • Miss Dorothy Brown • Ching Ho • Bun Foo • Miss Flannery • Mr. Trevor Graydon • Speed Tappists • Officer • Muzzy Van Hossmere • George Gershwin • Dorothy Parker • Rodney • Dishwashers • Muzzy's Boys • Daphne • Dexter • New Modern MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Overture - Orchestra • Not for the Life of Me - Millie • Thoroughly Modern Millie - Millie and Ensemble • Not for the Life of Me (reprise) - Millie, Gloria, Alice, Rita, Ruth, Cora and Lucille • How the Other Half Lives - Dorothy and Millie • Not for the Life of Me (reprise) - Ching Ho and Bun Foo • The Speed Test - Trevor Graydon, Millie, Miss Flannery and Ensemble • They Don't Know - Mrs. Meers • The Nuttycracker Suite - Orchestra • What Do I Need with Love? - Jimmy • Only in New York - Muzzy • Jimmy - Millie • Back at Work - Orchestra; with Millie, Miss Flannery and Ensemble • Forget About the Boy - Millie, Miss Flannery and Female Ensemble • Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life/ I'm Falling in Love with Someone - Trevor Graydon and Dorothy • I Turned the Corner/ I'm Falling in Love with Someone - (quartet/reprise) - Jimmy and Millie, Trevor Graydon and Dorothy with Ching Ho • Muqin - Mrs. Meers, Bun Foo and Ching Ho • Long as I'm Here with You - Muzzy and Male Ensemble • Gimme Gimme - Millie • Finale (Thoroughly Modern Millie) - Jimmy, Dorothy and Ensemble with Muzzy and Millie • Final Bows - Entire Company ORCHESTRATION Keyboards; Piano/Celeste; Woodwinds IV; Trumpets III; Tenor Trombone; Bass Trombone/Tuba; French Horn; Violins V; Cello II; Harp; Bass; Guitar/Banjo/Ukelele; Drums; Percussion DISCOGRAPHY Original Broadway Cast Recording - RCA Victor 09026-63959-2