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up! Teddy gets uncomfortable hearing the truth and goes to the kitchen. Alice tells Nick that four months really isn't that long a time. Three weeks later, the senior advisors are commenting on how Teddy has vetoed the romance between Alice and Nick. The men decide that they must find a way for Nick to go along with Alice to the Orient. They get a ticket for Nick aboard the same ship. As Alice readies herself to go, Teddy says farewell to her - commenting that it's too bad she'll miss the G.O.P. Convention. Alice is convinced that her father will get the party nomination. After Alice leaves, J.P. Morgan and some other senior advisors confront Teddy - telling him that they don't want him to run for president. His conservation policies have alienated many groups, and his handling of the Panama Canal is terrible. They remind him that he wasn't elected to the job. He's only there because McKinley was shot! They tell him they are going to fight to get him out of office and he tells them he's going to fight even harder to stay in. At the Republic National Convention, Summer 1904, protesters are proclaiming that Roosevelt is a tsar, a Socialist, a tyrant! Teddy tells J.P. Morgan and the others that yes he is a radical, but that he plans to fight for "human need before human greed"! As he continues rallying, the convention gets behind him and untimely nominates him for president. ACT II It is the entrance hall of the White House, Summer 1904, and Teddy is given the phone. He learns bits and pieces about Alice's behaviour as U.S. ambassador to the Orient. He probably can deal with her wild behaviour - he always has before. What upsets him more this time is the fact that he finds out the Nick Longworth is with her creating "international fireworks." Alice returns, and once Teddy sees her, he turns to mush. When he sees Nick, however, he yells at him for courting his daughter on taxpayers' expense. Nick quickly tells him that he had a mandate from Congress. Before things get too crazy, Alice's other siblings run on demanding that she give them their exotic presents and she goes off with them to do just that. Nick asks to talk with Teddy privately, but rather than give in, the President avoids him by getting everyone to go for a bit of wild exercise - even the foreign diplomats. Eleanor and a number of ladies come for a tea party and are dying to know all about Alice's trip. Most of all, they want to know what happened with Nick. Alice dresses them in grass skirts and does a hula. She also gives them Japanese fans and shows them how to use them. All the time she avoids discussing anything to do with Nick. Teddy re-enters being followed by the persistent Nick who is still trying to talk with Teddy. Teddy exits and Nick follows. The girls re-enter and insist that Alice tell them about Nick. She finally gives in and confesses that she is now seeing "fireworks"! Edith asks Alice if she wants to marry Nick. Alice isn't sure if she wants to lose her freedom. Nevertheless, she is in love with Nick. In the North Portico, Teddy is still being followed by an exhausted Nick who finally blurts out that he's wants to marry Alice. It seems that Alice won't discuss marriage with him until she has her father's approval. This makes Teddy happy since he sees Nick as simply an opportunist who is attempting to further his own political career. Teddy continues leading everyone in exercise and Nick continues to follow as the entire group moves outside of the White House. Teddy finally tells Nick that the answer is "no." Nick is defeated and angry - Alice runs to his rescue. Nick tries to get her to run off and marry him; however, she reminds him that he promised to not discuss the marriage until her father approves. She loves Teddy too much to go behind his back. Nick tells her that she can't live in her father's sheltered world forever or she may lose a husband in the process. After a bit of thought, she realises that she can't live without Nick and that she has somehow to convince her father that he is okay. On election night, Teddy and his cronies wait as the results come in. It appears that he is losing. Some blackmail has happened in the unions where they have been told not to vote for him. Teddy tells them that he was simply following the law of the land. He simply reinstated a government worker who was fired for not belonging to the union. Somehow, union leaders saw this as a sign that Teddy is against them. Teddy Angrily