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leaves. After he does, the advisors comment just how sad it is that Teddy won't listen to them. In his office, Teddy is upset as he thinks about even having to leave the White House. Alice bursts in very determined and tells her father that she must marry Nick. Teddy has no intention of giving in to his daughter's wishes. She has no intention of giving up either! She plans on marrying Nick wearing her mother's wedding dress - with her father's blessing! Alice tearfully runs off as Edith comes in to talk with her husband. Edith tells him to let Alice go. Also, he needs to let the ghost of his past - namely his late first wife - go as well. Teddy forbids her to talk any more. She, too, runs off in tears. Alone, Teddy, takes the gift box he took from Alice and opens it. Inside is a music box. As it plays, he remembers all that has passed. Later that night, Teddy is camping out in the woods with his children. After tucking them all in, he stands lost in thought as the ghost of Alice Lee appears before him. She tells him she's having a baby. Other ghosts appear to congratulate him on the birth of his new daughter. Finally, the ghost of his brother appears telling him not to go and see his wife - she's dead. By shooting a gun he has with him Teddy rids himself of the ghosts - just as Edith and others come to tell him that he's going to win the election by a landslide. After all the union nonsense everybody was with him. Everybody is with him now - except Alice. They all go inside while Teddy ponders the situation. Alice finally enters and congratulates her father on his victory. He talks with her about her mother and all that she meant and still means to him. He then takes the music box out of his pocket and gives it to her - as a wedding present. Alice throws her arms around her father crying as they go off to celebrate his victory. Waiting at the wedding of Alice and Nick everyone has their own "Private Thoughts": The senior cabinet celebrates that they have succeeded with their plan. Alice's brothers are happy that one sister is finally out. Edith is happy that her husband is finally letting go of his first wife. Alice finally enters and marries Nick. All is wonderful. Musical Numbers • Prelude: The Thunderer - Orchestra • This House - Teddy, Family, Friends, Staff, Reporters • But Not Right Now - Alice • She's Got to Go - Taft, Root, Lodge • The Fourth of July - Alice, Eleanor • Charge - Teddy, Edith, Ted jnr., Kermit, Ethel, Archie, Quentin • Battlelines - Edith • The Coming-Out Party Dance - Teddy, Alice, Nick, Edith, Guests • Leg O' Mutton - Alice, Nick, Guests • Not Love - Nick, Taft, Root, Lodge • Her Father's Daughter - Teddy • Perfect for Each Other - Nick • He's Got to Go (reprise) - Taft, Root, Lodge, Nick • Wave the Flag - Teddy, Edith, Eleanor, Ted jnr., Kermit, Ethel, Archie, Quentin, Compers, J.P. Morgan, Hecklers, Supporters • (The) Fourth of July (reprise) - Teddy • (The) Fourth of July (reprise) - Alice, Eleanor, Edith, Ladies • Nothing to Lose - Nick, Alice • Election Eve - Taft, Root, Lodge, Gompers, J.P. Morgan, Reporters • Perfect for Each Other (reprise) - Alice • Can I Let Her Go? - Teddy • Private Thoughts - Taft, Root, Lodge, Edith, Ted jnr., Ethel, Kermit, Archie, Quentin, Servants, Staff, Reporters • This House (reprise) - Teddy, Edith, Guests