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treasure. The next morning, Gunn and the Captain and his men have met up. Gunn went to look for Jim, worrying he would be lost in the fog, and left Meg in the cave. They realize that Jim has been captured and that Long John must therefore have the map too. They try and remember where the map showed the treasure was hidden, and realize that this spot is the exact place. As they realize this, Long John and his men appear with Jim tied up. Jim has lied to them and said he sent the ship adrift. The men want to kill Jim but Long John won’t allow it. They get together for a meeting wanting to try and overthrow Long John, while Long John tries to form an alliance with Jim to save himself, which Jim agrees to. Long John convinces the men that Jim was lying and that they need to keep him as a hostage. Long John tries to set him free, but Jim will not go. Since he made a deal with Long John, he insists he stay as a "hostage." The men find the treasure chest and open it to only find rocks, bones and the skull of Flint, no fortune at all. As this happens, Gunn, from within the cave, begins calling out, then appears dressed as a ghost...the ghost of Flint. All the men run away in fear except for Long John who is holding on to Jim. Gunn throws off his disguise and reveals himself to Long John. The Captain, Meg, Tom, Jim, and the rest are all reunited. Gunn reveals that the treasure is actually in the cave and the map was another decoy. Long John left Gunn in the cave to die, but if he would have come back he would have discovered the treasure. The group all goes back to the boat. The Captain arrests and chains up Long John and leaves his men on the island. They sail to Savannah to get a new crew. The morning they leave back for Bristol they discover that both a few sacks of silver and Long John were missing. They suspect Jim set him free, although they never confirm this. They arrive back in Bristol where Mrs. Hawkins greets them. Meg appears on the gangway with Gunn, her new husband. Jim assures his mother that he has had enough of the sea. He bids goodbye to his crew and leaves with his mother, happy to be home and now rich. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Pieces of Eight • The Black Spot • Away to Sea • Where Your Treasure Lies • Away to Sea (Reprise) • Bosun's Pipe Down, Sailing Scene, Sea Shanties, Jimmy-Jim-Jim • Long John Silver • Ship Shape • Run Jim Run • Whatever It Is • Cheese! Cheese! • Jim's Soliloquy • Lucky Man • Finale CAST • Ben Gunn • Billy Bones • Black Dog • Captain Alexander Smollett • Dick Johnson • George Merry • Israel Hands • Jim Hawkins • Job Anderson • Long John Silver (Barbecue) • Meg • Men's Chorus - (Sailors and Pirates, Hornpipe Dancers, Acrobatic Specialists) • Mrs. Hawkins • Pew • Tom Morgan • Women's Chorus - (Wives and Sweethearts)