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The next morning Tom tells his captain, Captain Smollett, about the treasure, and brings him to meet Jim and his mother. Smollett asks if Jim wants to sail with him to find the treasure and they can all share it. Mrs. Hawkins insists that her son may not go out to sea. Jim pleads with her saying that now that his father is dead they could use the fortune-they could close the inn and not have to work anymore. His mother tells him there is nothing wrong with working and that it is better than searching for a hidden treasure on an island. Eventually, Mrs. Hawkins gives her consent with one condition. She is going to disguise Meg as a boy and send her along to keep an eye on Jim. Two days later, Mrs. Hawkins brings Jim and Meg, who is now disguised as Sam to the ship and bids them farewell. The women are all there saying goodbye to the sailors as they pull away from the dock. The men on the ship show Sam and Jim the ropes and teach them their songs and dances. Jim is introduced to the whole crew, most notably the new cook who they call Barbecue, though his real name is Long John Silver. He enters carrying a parrot and has a wooden peg for a leg. As soon as Jim meets him he is suspicious, remembering Bones talking about a man with one leg. Jim sits with him as Long John tells him all about himself. Over the first part of the journey Long John befriends Jim. Jim adjusts well, but Sam does not, which has a few people suspicious. As they reach the Caribbean there is a brief conversation between Long John and Johnson, one of the men on the crew. Long John asks Johnson how his "fishing" is going and he says that he has three more crew joining them. Johnson asks Long John how he is doing getting information out of the boy, and he responds that he is not getting much. Sam is working as the Captain's personal cabin boy. The Captain comes out to take a bath and have Sam scrub his back, which throws Sam into a real frenzy. Long John comments on how afraid Sam is of the Captain, and then the men all sing about how tight a ship he runs. The night before the ship reaches the island, most of the men have turned in. Jim goes to get himself an apple and has to climb in the barrel to get it. While he does this, the men, including Long John and Johnson, convene and discuss their plans for mutiny. Jim, unseen by them, overhears the entire meeting. They have 11 men recruited for this plan. Long John had sent the men to get the map and kill Bones, and he knows the map they have is a fake. He is not sure if Tom or Jim has the real one. The final plan is to let the men go find the treasure, follow them, take over and leave them on the island. The ship approaches the island and Long John makes one last try to get information out of Jim. Jim goes and informs Tom, the Captain, and the rest of the crew of the plans he has heard. ACT TWO The men are on the island hunting for the treasure. The Captains knows of the plan and instructs the men to continue as if they know nothing. He leaves Jim and Sam with weapons at a guard point. They hear some unfamiliar sounds and set out to find where they are coming from. Ben Gunn appears, and tells the boys he was marooned and has been on the island without talking to another living soul for three years. He tells the boys he had been with Long John Silver three years ago hunting for the treasure that they knew was there. He had fallen into a cave and broke his leg and Long John, having only one leg, could not help. He promised Gunn he would return but never did. He tells the boys about all the things he has missed, especially his favourite food, cheese. They hear a canon fire and realize the mutiny has begun. Gunn offers to take them to his cave to hide. Sam wants to go, but Jim insists he go down and fight. Frustrated and scared for his life, Meg reveals to Gunn that she is a woman, and is there to care for Jim. Gunn says he will take them to his cave where he has a boat he made himself. He says that after nightfall they will row out and recapture the ship themselves and take it to a hidden cove he knows. The mutineers are hunting down the boys, but unsuccessfully. The battle begins and carries on through the night. The Captain, Tom, and their men are successful in fighting off the mutineers. Gunn, Jim, and Meg successfully recapture the ship and anchor it in the cove. Jim wants to go back and find the Captain and Tom and let them know what has happened, but Jim gets lost on his way and decides to wait until morning to continue. He is scared and alone and regrets his decision to take this voyage. Suddenly Long John and his men find and surround Jim and get the map from him. They take him with them to go find the