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Jasper Featherways Richard Featherways Jane Featherways Lavinia Featherways Charles Winter Harriet Winter Edward Valance Emily Valance Burrows WAYS AND MEANS Comedy 3 Scenes: Published 1936. Produced Phoenix Theatre, London 5 May, 1936 The Cartwrights have become unwelcome guests at Olive's Riviera house; they are broke. Their difficulties are solved when their host is robbed by a friendly chauffeur who goes halves with them, leaving them bound and gagged to allay suspicion. Toby Cartwright Stella Cartwright, his wife Lord Chapworth Olive Lloyd-Ransome Princess Elena Krasiloff Gaston, French valet Stevens, chauffeur Nanny Still Life (Play 5 Scenes: Published 1936. Produced Phoenix Theatre, London 5 May, 1936) Set in a railway station refreshment room with the comic activities of its personel, Alec and Laura, both married, meet and fall in love, have a few furtive moments of happiness and the agonies of guilt, and then finally part, their farewell being cruelly spoilt by a garrulous friend. Alec Harvey Laura Jesson Albert Godby, ticket collector Bill and Johnny, soldiers Myrtle Bagot Beryl Waters Mildred Stanley, a young man Dolly Messiter Musical Numbers: Has Anybody Seen Our Ship? We Were Dancing You Were There Play, Orchestra, Play Then Men About Town