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Hands Across the Sea (Comedy) Colonial couple, the Wadhursts, are mistakenly at the London party given by the scatterbrained Piggie Gilpin. Piggy has just returned from a world tour and takes them for people she met on her travels. They are subjected to meaningless conversations about people they do not know by a hostess who has forgotten who they are. Peter Gilpin, a young navy man Alistair Corbett, a young navy man Mr Wadhurst, a pleasant middle aged man Mrs Wadhurst, his wife Mr Burnham, 'Bogey' Gosling, handsome young marine Lady Maureen 'Piggie' Gilpin Claire Wedderburn Walters, parlour maid Fumed Oak (Unpleasant Comedy 2 scenes) Henry Gow is a poor down-trodden male in a household of dreadful women, a sloppy wife, a snivelling daughter, and a hideous nagging mother-in-law. After a few drinks at the pub he tells them all what he thinks, takes his savings, and leaves them to it for good. Henry Gow Doris, his wife Elsie, their daughter Mrs Rockett, mother-in-law Shadow Play (Musical Fantasy - 1 scene) A woman, about to be divorced, takes an overdose of pills and relives the happiness the couple had in the early years. Her memories bring them back together. Victoria Gayforth Simon Gayforth Martha Cunningham George Cunningham Lena Sibyl Heston Michael Doyle A young man Hodge Family Album (Victorian Comedy with music - 1 scene : ) Published 1936. Produced Theatre Royal, Birmingham 9 December, 1935; Phoenix Theatre, London 9 January, 1936 In 1860 when the Featherways family gather to hear the will of their deceased father, drink makes them reveal what they all thought about the old boy, a mean, pompous, and profligate bounder. Daughter Lavinia and butler Burrows liven up the proceedings even more by admitting that they have burnt the will that would have left the family fortune to father's mistress.