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Finale - Ensemble "Our Little Captain" - 'Tip-Toes' Kaye, Boys "Looking for a Boy" (reprise) - 'Tip-Toes' Kaye, Steve "It's a Great Little World" Steve, Sylvia, Al, Binnie, Denise, Ensemble "Nighty-Night" - 'Tip-Toes' Kaye, Steve "Tip-Toes" - 'Tip-Toes' Kaye, Ensemble Finale - Entire Company SCENES AND SETTINGS: Act 1 Scene 1: Platform of the Palm Beach Station, Florida. Scene 2: The Gambling Casino. Act 2 Scene 1: Deck of Steve's Houseboat. Scene 2: Lobby of the Everglades Inn. Scene 3: The Everglades Inn.