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On her quest for the true love of a millionaire, Tip-Toes (as Roberta) unwittingly lands in a game of “Pigin-a-Poke” and is kissed by Steve, her savoir from the train station earlier that morning. The attraction is as powerful as it is immediate, and “Roberta” and Steve both know it. Al, on a quest of his own, makes the acquaintance of Binnie and Denise, who decide that they should spend the evening at the Blues Café. Regretting her subterfuge with Steve, Tip-Toes makes it clear to her family that she doesn’t want to kid some man into believing that she is something she isn’t: “Sincerity! That’s the big thing with me; I know that now.” As Al and Uncle Hen deal with this blow to their scheme with characteristic quarrelling, Tip-Toes is almost run over by a car. And while it looks as though Tip-Toes has narrowly escaped serious harm, it turns out that the accident has caused some form of amnesia whereby she truly believes that she is Roberta Van Renssalaer. Relieved that Tip-Toes is safe, Al and Uncle Hen are none too eager to set the record straight, allowing Tip-Toes to remain as Roberta. The next evening on Steve’s yacht, preparations are made for the party and the welcome of his special guest. Even as Roberta, Tip-Toes knows she has something wonderful in Steve and together they rejoice in their good fortune in finding one another. Al and Uncle Hen’s plan is beginning to backfire: It seems that “Roberta” is going to leave them penniless. Being a Van Renssalaer, there is no reason she should be constrained by the Kaye family budget, much to the consternation of the men. Steve, however, is ecstatic, unaware that everything is about to unravel. In trying to keep his flirtations secret from Sylvia, Rollo reveals Tip-Toes’s true identity to Steve, who is crushed. Confronted, as she emerges from her amnesia, Tip-Toes admits to the scheme but tries to assure Steve that she really has fallen for him and not his money. Steve has a confession of his own: “We’ve been living off our capital—and we’ve struck bottom. Well, they can’t kid me about owning a glue factory anymore; that’s something!” Leaving the yacht, he encourages Tip-Toes to go after one of the fourteen millionaires’ sons at the party. Upset, but determined to prove to Steve that she loves him, Tip-Toes conspires to stay on his yacht that evening and confronts him on his return: “I’m on this boat and I’ve got to stay here all night without a chaperone.” Her shocking determination convinces him. The next day, Tip-Toes settles the Kayes’ extravagant hotel charges by performing a dance from their act. As Steve presents her with an engagement ring, Tip-Toes exclaims: “Look how it sparkles! Isn’t it marvellous what they do with imitation jewellery now-a-days?”She then learns that Steve really hasn’t lost his fortune, just in time for everyone to reunite. —Mark Trent Goldberg Mark Trent Goldberg is the Executive Director of the Ira and Leonore Gershwin Trusts MUSICAL NUMBERS: "Waiting for the Train" (Opening) - Ensemble "Nice Baby" - Sylvia, Rollo, Ensemble "Looking for a Boy" - 'Tip-Toes' Kaye "Lady Luck" - Guests "When Do We Dance?" - Steve, Binnie, Denise, Guests "These Charming People" - 'Tip-Toes' Kaye, Al, Hen "That Certain Feeling" - 'Tip-Toes' Kaye, Steve "Sweet and Low Down" - Al, Denise, Binnie, Peggy, Guests