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SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place between December 10th and Christmas Day, 1938, in Mesalia, Ohio. Act 1 Scene I: The Stanley Living Room. Scene 2: Township of Mesalia. Scene 3: Exterior of Stanley Residence. Scene 4: The Stanley Residence. Scene 5: A Jewelry Shop. Scene 6: The Stanley Living Room. Scene 7: Mansion House Hotel in Mesalia. Scene 8: The Stanley Living Room. Act 2 Scene 1: Billy's Tavern. Scene 2: The Stanley Solarium. Scene 3: The Stanley Library. Scene 4: The Stanley Living Room. Studio recording song list 1. Why Does the Whole Damn World Adore Me? 2. Whiteside's Prayer 3. In the Very Next Moment 4. Crockfield 5. Maybe It's Time for Me 6. How Can You Kiss Those Good Times Goodbye? 7. With This Ring 8. Sherry! 9. Alas, Lorraine/Au Revoir 10. Proposal Duet 11. I Always Stay at the Ritz 12. Christmas Eve 13. Putty in Your Hands 14. Imagine That 15. Preen Beguine 16. Marry the Girl Myself 17. Putty in Your Hands (Reprise) 18. Harriet Sedley 19. Au Revoir (Reprise) 20. Whiteside's Prayer (Reprise) 21. Sherry (Reprise)