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SHERRY A musical in 2 Acts, 12 scenes: book and lyrics by James Lipton; music by Laurence Rosenthal: based on the George S. Kaufman-Moss Hart play The Man Who Came to Dinner. Alvin Theatre, Broadway - Opened 28th March, 1967. (72 performances) SYNOPSIS When internationally-famous thirties radio broadcaster and critic Sheridan Whiteside slips and injures his hip outside the Stanley residence in a small town in Ohio, the family have to put him up - and put up with him - over Christmas. Pompous, cunning and waspish, Whiteside completely takes over the house for his broadcasts, encourages the Stanley kids to defy their parents, attracts assorted wacky friends, and receives tons of fan mail and strange gifts, including an Egyptian mummy case. When his faithful secretary Maggie falls for local reporter and would-be playwright Bert Jefferson, Whiteside pulls out all the stops to block the romance, including using glamorous stage star, Lorraine Sheldon, to divert Bert. It does not work and when to everyone's relief Whiteside eventually leaves, he falls over again on the way out and has to be brought back in. MUSICAL NUMBERS - Original Broadway song list Turn on Your Radio - Sarah, Maggie, Daisy, Ensemble Why Does the Whole Damn World Adore Me? - Sheridan Meet Mesalia - Maggie, Bert, Ensemble Maybe It's Time for Me - Maggie How Can You Kiss Those Good Times Goodbye? - Sheridan, Maggie With This Ring - Maggie, Bert, Sheridan, Dr. Bradley Sherry - Lorraine, Sheridan Alas, Lorraine - Beverly Au Revoir - Beverly Proposal Duet - Lorraine, Beverly Listen Cosette - Lorraine, Cosette Christmas Eve Broadcast - Sheridan, Lorraine, Ensemble Putty in Your Hands - Lorraine, Ensemble Harriet's Pavan - Harriet Imagine That - Maggie, Sheridan Marry the Girl Myself - Sheridan, Banjo The Fred Astaire Affair - Sheridan, Banjo, Ginger, Ensemble How Can You Kiss Those Good Times Goodbye? (reprise) - Maggie Putty in Your Hands (reprise) - Lorraine, Sheridan, Banjo Harriet Sedley - Sheridan, Banjo, Ernest CAST (in order of appearance): • Daisy Stanley • Miss Preen • John • Sarah • Maggie Cutler • Ernest W. Stanley • Dr. Bradley • Sheridan Whiteside • Harriet Stanley • Bert Jefferson • Lorraine Sheldon • Cosette • Beverly Carlton • Westcott • Billy • Banjo • Ginger