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Box-office girl - Margo Johns Fairy Good-as-gold - Marie Burke Jack - Douglas Byng Yellow Dwarf - Gavin Gordon Woman in box - Stella Maris Man in box - Eric Anderson Village lads and lassies, yellow dwarfs, etc. Scene 1—The Box Office of the Theatre Scene 2—The Stage of the Theatre PART II 10. POLKA (Music arranged by John Blore) Little Boy - Maureen Sims Mother - Stella Maris Father - Gavin Gordon Their Daughters - Jeanne Ravel, Mary Scott, Vera Ellis Bandmaster - Irving Davies A Romanian Officer - Ronald Boyer Scene—A Pleasure Garden in the ‘60s 11. OLD FATHER THAMES (Lyric and Music by Michael Treford) Douglas Byng 12. A SONG AND A STORY (By Douglas Furber, Lyric by Harold Purcell, Music by Harry Parr Davies) Arthur Riscoe 13. THE OLD SHOEMAKER (By Richard Hearne, Music by John Blore) The Shoemaker - Richard Hearne The Dancer - Maureen Sims Scene—The Shoemaker’s Workshop 14. THE CURSE OF THE GRAYS 15. CHANSON DE PARIS (By Harold Purcell and Wendy Toye, Music by Harry Parr Davis) Suzette - Marie Burke Paul Latour - Eric Anderson Mons. Steiner - Gavin Gordon Mons. Lavoisier - Irving Davies Mons. Goriot - Norman Tree Scene---The Sitting-room of Suzette’s House in Paris-1890 16. EXERCISE VACUUM--A PEEP INTO THE FUTURE (By Richard Hearne) Bert - Arthur Riscoe Jim - Richard Hearne Fred - Douglas Byng Foreman - Eddie Gray A Man - Gavin Gordon His Wife - Stella Maris Their Children - Beryl Fraser, Jennifer Russell The Singer - Norman Tree Scene—A Building Site--- 1990 17. 17. FINALE— BUBBLING OVER (Lyric by Harold Purcell, Music., by Harry Parr Davies) Margherita Stanley, Irving Davies, and Full Company