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THE SHEPHARD SHOW A Revue devised by Firth Shephard; Music by Harry Parr-Davies and John Glote; Lyrics by Harold Purcell Princes Theatre, London - 26 September, 1946 The Cast included: Marie Burke, Douglas Byng, Eddie Gray, Richard Hearne, Arthur Riscoe Maurenn Sims PART I 1. THE TICKET OFFICE - The Company 2. ON SECOND THOUGHTS – (By Richard Hearne) Mrs. Botpenny - Margo Johns Clarence - Richard Hearne Bert - Eddie Gray Mr. Botpenny - Eric Anderson Scene—The sitting-room of the Botpenny’s Flat 3. MADAME TOUCHÉE (Lyric and Music by Michael Treford) Douglas Byng 4. MARY MUST HAVE MUSIC (Lyric by Harold Purcell, Music by Harry Parr Davies) Margherita Stanley, Irving Davies and Girls 5. PASSPORTS FOR TWO (Lyric by Harold Purcell, Music by Harry Parr Davies) He - Gavin Gordon She - Marie Burke Scene--A Room in an Hotel in the South of France 6. SOUTHERN LOVE (By Richard Hearne, Lyric by Harold Purcell, Music by John Blore) Chiquita - Margherita Stanley Romero - Eric Anderson Scarletta - Gavin Gordon Old Woman - Stella Maris Pietro - Phil Trix Priest - Norman Tree The Dancers - Boyer and Ravel Senoritas - The Girls 7. WISHFUL THINKING Arthur Riscoe. 8. DISCONCERTO (Lyric by Harold Purcell, Music by Harry Parr Davies) Barman - Phil Trix Husband - Ronald Boyer Wife - Jeanne Ravel Man in her life - Irving Davies The girls in his - Vera Ellis and Mary Scott Hat-check girl - Lola Derrol An Observer - Marie Burke “As they might have been” - Ronald Boyer and Jeanne Ravel 9. AT THE PANTOMIME (By Douglas Furber, Music by John Blore) The Manager - Eddie Gray A Patron - Richard Hearne His Son - Arthur Riscoe