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CAST - 3-4 men, 5-6 women, chorus • MINERVA Female; the most down-to-earth good fairy, and the most comedic. Some dancing. • Mezzo-Soprano or Soprano • PHEOBE Female; leader of the good fairies, should be a strong dancer. Soprano • PRINCESS MELISANDE Female ingenue, must move well. 16 years old. Lyric Soprano • SYBIL Female, a good fairy, ethereal and a bit giddy. Some dancing. Soprano • THE BLUE FAUN Male, juvenile. He is half mortal and half faun and is mute until the final scene of the play when he turns into the Prince. Dancer, best realised if the actor has had ballet training as well as mime experience. • Baritone • THE KING Male, leading man. He is regal, but with warmth and kindness. Baritone • THE QUEEN Female, leading lady. Played in the same style as the king. Soprano • THE ROYAL HERALD Male character actor with a grand, commanding voice. Baritone • TROLLARINA Male or Female comedic character. The bad fairy, very broad. Baritone or Mezzo-Soprano SCENES AND SETTINGS ACT ONE • Scene 1: The Gardens of a Castle • Scene 2: The Gardens, sixteen years later ACT TWO • Scene 1: Before the Magic Forest, a hundred years later • Scene 2: The Gardens, immediately following NOTE: Both Acts may be played as one continuous sequence without an intermission INSTRUMENTATION: piano