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She yells at the television, and , in response, Veronica steps out of her role on the soap opera and addresses Wanda. She tells her just how sick she is of all of Wanda’s whining and sniveling. Veronica bursts out of the television personally to confront Wanda. Wanda tries to turn her off or push her back into the television, but nothing works. Her hallucination appears to be getting the best of her. Veronica further torments Wanda by telling her that she knows the secrets in the plot and refuses to tell Wanda. Wanda argues with Veronica saying that she's going to warn David herself about not flying on Lufthansa (the plot secret). The two women battle it out until finally Wanda pushes Veronica back into the television and shuts the top. David will fly TWA! DIVAS AT MOTOWN Auditioning for Motown, a timid and polite young woman in a simple choir robe enters hesitantly. She then positions herself and reads from notecards. She thanks all the people of Detroit, the incredible staff at Motown, and especially, Michael Jackson - "bro." She then comments that she believes that it is time to wed the ongoing tradition of the classical voice with the rhythmic power and mass bass of funky Negro music. With that she introduces the new smash recording group: The Divas of Motown! The curtains part, and the other five women, in contrasting choir robes, "boogie" downstage and form the backup group. Their choreography is a unified parody of The Supremes; performed with a polish that only five opera divas could give. RAMBI Marge tells the audience that she has two children that she doesn’t understand at all. They listen to satanic records, refuse to speak to one another, and dress like Madonna — both the girl and the boy, whom she is convinced is gay. She is overwhelmed with guilty feelings that she is responsible for their … quirks. She takes her children to the movies at the mall where there are six small screens and wanders from room to room searching for Disney, but her kids search for everything from Ninjas to Rambo. She thinks it is no wonder they don’t get along; her kids are terrorists and she's just "bibbity boppity boo." She exits and the Disney-like "Rambi" music begins. The other five women enter, dressed in costume pieces that suggest forest animals. This is Disney at its best. The animals speak in a kind, Disney-esque style, using every swear word known to man. They wait for Rambi and when he finally comes, it is Marge dressed as a combination of Bambi and Rambo carrying a machine gun helping the forest animals to protect themselves from the evil hunters. Is this the best of both worlds? HIGH SCHOOL REUNION A woman tells the audience how excited she is to attend her twentieth high school reunion. She pulls a dress out of a box and puts it on. All of the girls are going to be wearing their prom dresses. Four women are appear in the background decorating a trellis. She then remembers that in high school they all campaigned for a friend of theirs to be Prom Queen, but she lost because she was just too fat. The poor girl, now a woman, backed up by her friends, tells the audience what it was like being too fat to be prom queen. As the song progresses, the women move into the present and begin to discuss the problems they have encountered over the last twenty years. These include divorce, pregnancy, abortion, Valium addiction, etc. Regardless of their troubles, however, the women all realise that they have survived life’s punches. ACT TWO GAME SHOW Jolene wants to know who she is! She has examined her life over and over and hasn't found the answers she is looking for. She has read every self-help book known to man to no avail. She'd give anything if someone would just tell her who she is. A game board rolls on and Baby Ruth the host of "Wise Up or Die" rides on rolling a podium that she drives like a scooter. She has various honker horns and squeakers to use at her discression. Baby Ruth is assisted by a game show hostess who is a cross between Vanna White and Ed McMahon. The hostess has no spoken lines but operates the game board. As "Wise Up Or Die" begins, three panelist experts enter: Type A carries a briefcase, Type B is in housewife attire, and Type C is a "bleached blonde" sex goddess. Baby Ruth manipulates the show so that the three