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panelists ask Jolene a series of questions. These questions, about Jolene's identity, focus mostly on her sexuality. When all is said and done, it is obvious that Jolene, while very book smart, is not a spontaneous person. She loses the game, and the hostess turns the game board around. Painted on the board is a burning stake. Baby Ruth ties Jolene to the burning stake and places all of her self-help books at her feet. There is a sign that says "Jolene of Ark." Everyone leaves Jolene alone to ponder her situation. SEVERED HEAD The lights come up on Heather's kitchen. Barbara enters with a bag of groceries that she puts on the counter. She calls for Heather and removes a cake tin cover revealing Heather's severed head. Barbara Ann starts unpacking the groceries while talking to Heather. It is revealed that Heather was the prom queen who won because she had the perfect body. Barbara is her sincere best friend who loves to take care of Heather and give her advice - whether she wants it or not! Heather is a vain, spoiled egotistical, self-absorbed whiner who has been knocked down a peg or two by an accident that forced her head to be cut off from her beautiful body. This accident occurred because Heather loved to wear her prom queen tiara all of the time. One day, while doing the dishes, it slipped down the trash disposal. Heather jumped in and tried to save it, severing her body from her head. The two women reflect upon their lives together. Barbara Ann kicked her husband out the door because he was having an affair with Heather. Barbara advises Heather to do the same with her husband who hasn't taken her out since her "head" accident and just keeps her under a cake tin. Heather decides that maybe she should take Barbara’s advice, but unfortunately, she dies singing the last bar of the song. Barbara, caresses the dead head, before spotting the tiara, which she takes and mischievously places on her head. DIVAS AT NASHVILLE The same auditioner as the Motown sketch comes on stage wearing the same choir robe, but now donning a cowboy hat. She carries a guitar. She first thanks all the people of Nashville and the staff of the Grand Ol' Opry for the opportunity to wed the great traditions of classical music and American agricultural music together. Once again, the other ladies join her in a desperate attempt to get down to the grass roots of country music. BARBIE AND KEN The women roll on a Barbie and Ken unit containing all the necessary props for a slumber party. As they do this, they remember just how much easier life was when they could count on a life like Barbie’s and Ken’s. Looking back, they realise that Barbie and Ken represent a fantasy world that never came true for any of them. They reflect on their experiences in life and with Barbie and Ken. GOD IS AN ALIEN From some high promontory, five women function as a Greek chorus. Below, one woman enters rather hesitantly. She is dressed in a very bizarre Brain-Death-Meets-The Jetsons fashion. The woman tells how she and her girlfriends, while driving down the road one night, were zapped into the interior of a spaceship where they met God. The song conveys God's message to sell Amway, Mary Kay, Shaklee, etc. The six women finish this section by pushing imaginary doorbells asking “May I have just a moment of your time?” TOLL ROAD As each woman enters, she carries a tyre, which she will "ride" during the song. All six women wish to escape a poor situation at home (alcohol, children, husbands, boyfriends) by letting loose on the road in their car. These angry women relieve their stress through aggressive driving and give new meaning to the phrase road rage. FINALE The six women all say good-bye.