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Act 2 • Scene 1: Filming musical numbers at Warner Brothers Studio. • Scene 2: Monumental Pictures' recording studio. (a) The next day. (b) Later that week. • Scene 3: Title production number in "The Dancing Cavalier." • Scene 4: Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the premiere of "The Dancing Cavalier." MUSICAL NUMBERS • Overture - Orchestra • Fit As A Fiddle - Don, Cosmo • You Stepped Out Of A Dream - Don, Chorus • All I Do Is Dream Of You - Kathy, Girls • Make 'Em Laugh - Cosmo • Beautiful Girl - Tenor • You Were Meant For Me - Don • Moses Supposes - Don, Cosmo, All • Good Morning - Kathy, Don, Cosmo • Singin' In The Rain - Don • Would You - Kathy, Don, Lina • What's Wrong With Me? - Lina • Broadway Melody - Cosmo, Don, Chorus Musical Numbers for Revised production (not available for licensing by amateur groups) • Fit as a Fiddle (Music and Lyrics by Arthur Freed, Al Hoffman, Al Goodhart) - Don Lockwood, Cosmo Brown • Beautiful Girl (from GOING HOLLYWOOD film) - Don Lockwood, Fans • I've Got a Feelin' You're Foolin' (from BROADWAY MELODY OF 1936 film) - Kathy Selden, Coconut Grove Coquettes • Make 'Em Laugh - Cosmo Brown • Hub Bub (Music by Stanley Lebowsky) - Cosmo Brown, Studio Stage Hands • You Are My Lucky Star (from BROADWAY MELODY OF 1936 film) - Don Lockwood, Kathy Selden • Moses Supposes (Music by Roger Edens. Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green) - Don Lockwood, Cosmo Brown • Good Mornin' (from BABES INARMS film) - Don Lockwood, Kathy Selden, Cosmo Brown • Singin' in the Rain (from HOLLYWOOD REVUE OF 1929 film) - Don Lockwood • (The) Wedding of the Painted Doll (from BROADWAY MELODY film) - Members of the Ensemble • Rag Doll - Members of the Ensemble • Temptation (from GOING HOLLYWOOD film) - Dora Baily, Dancers • 'Takin' Miss Mary to the Ball (from ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU film) (Lyrics by Edward Heyman) - 2 members of the chorus • Love Is Where You Find It (from THE KISSING BANDIT film) (Lyrics by Earl Brent) - Ensemble • Would You? (from SAN FRANCISCO film) - Kathy Selden • Broadway Rhythm (from BROADWAY MELODY OF 1936 film) - The Company • Blue Prelude (Music and Lyrics by Joe Bishop and Gordon Jenkins) - The Company • What's Wrong with Me? (from THE KISSING BANDIT film) (Music by Nacio Herb Brown. Lyrics by Edward Heyman) - Lina Lamont • Would You? (reprise) - Kathy Selden • You Are My Lucky Star (reprise) - Don Lockwood, Kathy Selden, Company • Singin' in the Rain (reprise) - The Company