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At home, Don is depressed, until Kathy and Cosmo come up with the answer - why not remake the picture as a musical with Kathy miming for Lina? The trio celebrate this brilliant idea. Don takes Kathy home in his limousine. They kiss in the rain at her door and Don walks home on air - in the rain! Act II Kathy is recording Lina's singing and dialogue at night so that Lina won't find out. But someone has told Lina what is going on and she burst in to catch Don and Kathy kissing. Furious, Lina threatens revenge. The picture is nearly completed by R.F. wants a production number. Cosmo The opening of the renamed Dancing Cavalier is a success. Lina is insisting Kathy be kept only as her voice and given no career of her own. Even R.F. has had enough and when Lina insists on making a speech, he doesn't try to stop her. The audience is shocked to hear her real voice - they demand a song. Kathy sings behind a curtain while Lina mimes a reprise of the show's hit song. Don and Cosmo raise the curtain to reveal Kathy singing. The audience is hysterical and Lina is humiliated. Kathy runs from the stage but Don asks the audience to stop her. She is now the real star - not Lina. Kathy's career is now assured and she and Don embrace. CAST:- 4 principal men, 2 principal women, chorus • DORA BAILEY - Gossip broadcaster • ZELDA ZANDERS - Flapper starlet • OLGA MARA • MARY MARGARET • R.F. SIMPSON - Agreeable studio head • ROSCOE DEXTER - A frazzled director • COSMO BROWN - Don's wacky best friend • LINA LAMONT - Mean, grating movie diva • DON LOCKWOOD - Genial movie actor • YOUNG DON • YOUNG COSMO • VILLAIN • LADY-IN-WAITING • ROD • KATHY SELDEN - The girl-next-door actress. ( Vocal Range: Soprano ) • POLICEMAN • BUTLER • 1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTOR • 2ND ASSISTANT DIRECTOR • 3RD ASSISTANT DIRECTOR • WARDROBE MISTRESS • HAIRDRESSER • A PRODUCTION SINGER - A tenor with a golden voice • SID PHILLIPS • MISS DINSMORE - A diction coach • MALE DICTION TEACHER • SOUND ENGINEER ALSO: Members of the Ensemble with non-speaking roles. SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in Hollywood in the 1920s. Act 1 • Scene 1: The Premiere of "The Royal Rascal." Grauman's Chinese Theatre, September, 1927. • Scene 2: Altoona, Pennsylvania — a vaudeville theatre, ten years earlier. • Scene 3: Grauman's Chinese Theatre, onstage and backstage, at the premiere. • Scene 4: Hollywood Boulevard, later that evening. • Scene 5: The Coconut Grove party after the premiere. • Scene 6: The Studios of Monumental Pictures. Silent Stage, 7 October, 1927. • Scene 7: Shooting "The Duelling Cavalier," a silent film. • Scene 8: An empty soundstage. • Scene 9: Diction lessons. • Scene 10: Shooting "The Duelling Cavalier" as a talking picture. • Scene 11: Conversion of "The Duelling Cavalier" to a Musical. The Glendale Theatre, sneak preview of "The Dueling Cavalier" as a talkie, January 1928. • Scene 12: Don's home, later that evening. • Scene 13: A street near Kathy's house.