Shows S

9. Concerted Piece - Bertie & Foundlings - "Foundlings are we, waiting to see who will unravel our pre-natal mystery..." 10. Exit after Scene (Reprise) - "Foundlings are we, waiting to see..." 11. Song - Miggles - "It was an evil hour when I met my Mary Ann, oh! woe! woe the day!..." 12. Song - Ada & Chorus - "Left upon a doorstep at half past nine..." 13. Finale Act I - "Farewell, farewell, we tender our congratulations truly..." ACT II - Fancy Bazaar at Kensington. 14. Opening Chorus - "Charity, charity, charity, charity, fearless are we in a bazaar..." 15. Song - (soloist unspecified) - "I'm a lady not unknown to fame, critics call me by my Christian name..." 16. Song - (written and composed by Leslie Stuart) - Bessie & Chorus - "I lub a gal, 'spose she lubs me too, anyhow she say she do..." 17. Duet - Miggles & Miss Robinson - "I am a Jap, please notice my cap, 'twas copied from off a tea caddy..." 18. Song - (composed by Lionel Monckton) John Brown & Chorus - "In the steerage of a Liner I went out to be a miner..." 19. Trio - Sir George, Count & Colonel - "If you can fully fathom human folly and fatuity..." 20. Chorus - "We're now to have some mystery, the forecast of our history..." 21. Song - (composed by Felix McGlennon) Charlie & Chorus - "There was once a country maiden came to London for a trip..." 22. Song - Lady Dodo - "The Man in the Moon is down, he is winning a great renown..." 23. Song - (composed by Lionel Monckton) Bertie & Chorus - "I'm what folks call a Johnnie, of the title I am proud..." 24. Chorus & Recits. (soloist unspecified) - "The show, the show, the show, the show..." 25. Finale Act II - "Now joy is in the air, their future will be fair, look'd after by this kindly desperado..."