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THE SHOP GIRL A Musical Farce in 2 Acts by H.J.W. Dam. Music by Ivan Caryll. Additional numbers by Adrian Ross and Lionel Monckton. Opened at the Gaiety Theatre, London, on 24th. November 1894. Closed 29 May 1896 (546 perfs) SYNOPSIS An attractive and charming London shop girl meets a good-hearted millionaire, who had gone out in the steerage of a liner, "to become a miner", and had struck it rich in Colorado. The millionaire has come back to London to look for the daughter of his mining chum, to whom a fortune of four million pounds was due. She is to be identified by a birthmark. The daughter, of course, turns out to be the shop girl and, after a few misunderstandings, she agrees to marry her sweetheart, a poor but lively young medical student from a good family. CAST • Mr. Hooley - (Proprietor of the Royal Stores) • Charles Appleby - (a Medical Student) • Bertie Boyd - (One of the Boys) • John Brown - (a Millionaire) • Sir George Appleby - (a Solicitor) • Col. Singleton - (Retired) • Count St. Vaurien - (Secretary to Mr. Brown) • Mr. Tweets - (Financial Secretary to Lady Appleby) • Mr. Miggles - (Shopwalker at the Royal Stores) • Lady Dodo Singleton - (Charlie's Cousin) • Miss Robinson - (Fitter at the Royal Stores) • Lady Appleby - (Charlie's mother, wife of Sir George) • Ada Smith - (an Apprentice at the Royal Stores) • Faith, Hope, Charity (Lady Appleby's Daughters) • Maud Plantagenet, Eva Tudor, Lillie Stuart, Ada Wandesforde, Mabel Beresford, Agnes Howard, Maggie Jocelyn. Violet Deveney - } (of the Syndicate Theatre) • Bessie Brent - ("The Shop Girl") MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I - The Royal Stores. 1. Opening Chorus - "This noble institution of financial evolution is the glory of our British trade..." 2. Song - Hooley & Bessie, with Chorus - "If you ever should engage in trade, you will never find your fortune made..." 3. Quartet - Sir George, Count, Hooley & Colonel - "Although I am a man of law, of many years in practice spent..." 4. Chorus of Stage Beauties - (composed by Lionel Monckton) "In us of course you see a charming coterie, whose fascinations all confess..." 5. Song - Charlie & Foundlings - "If without a single mark of your identity, on a hospitable doorstep you are thrown..." 6. Song - Beatrice - "When I came to the shop some years ago, I was terribly shy and simple..." 7. Perambulator Duet - Bessie & Charlie - "Hush-a-bye, hush-a-bye, shut your little eye, dear..." 8. Valse Song - Beatrice & Chorus - "Over the hills and over into the sunset's glow..."