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Jane Woodward A warm, larger-than-life nurse whose next door neighbor, Danny, died from AIDS. She helps fulfill Daniel’s wish of dying faster in the hospital by adjusting his morphine drip. African American. - Age: 25 to 45 Katy A young girl who writes a letter about her favorite Uncle Billy. Her parents did not approve of her uncle’s life style so Katy was only left to write letters to him. - Age: 12 to 12 Toby A young African-American man. The lover of Mrs. Polaski’s son, Chris, who she claimed was just his roommate. - Age: 28 to 28 Roberta Andrews A former actress who is now married to a state politician. She has AIDS because of a transfusion and passed it down to her child upon birth. The founder of the Coalition for Parents and Children with AIDS. - Age: 35 to 45 Charlie A man who has denied his sexuality and bought into the conservative corporate world. Previously held a secret relationship with Michael. He eventually becomes a member of ACT-UP, a group fighting against discrimination. - Age: 30 to 50 Ensemble: Readers; Unfolders; Animal Voices; Act Up Activists; Chorus MUSICAL NUMBERS • Something Beautiful - Company • Karen's Song - Karen • Hot Sex - Mikey, Randy, Dick, Willy • At A Distance - Paul • Todd's Song - Todd's Mother, Todd's Lover • Living With The Little Things - Stewart • Victim Of AIDS - Mr. & Mrs. D'Angelo • Couldja Do Me A Favour - Jane • I Believe In You - Katy, Uncle Billy • In The Absence Of Angels - Roberta • Autobiography - Charlie, ACT UP Activists • One Voice - Wes, Company • Walter Lee - Donnie, Family • Robert Knows - Eddie INSTRUMENTATION: percussion, 2 keyboards