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WES 5 JULY 4 Wes talks with Philip about Karen saying how she finished her panel without killing herself and others in the process. Wes looks foreword to the day when his panel can be put on the Quilt. In fact, he has already begun work on it and it reads "At Last Over.” ONE VOICE All the characters come together to celebrate what they are capable of as one voice. Together they can and are changing the world. CAST: - 12-25 men and women Wes Cronk - An HIV-positive man who has recently lost his lover to AIDS. He volunteers at a GLBT quilting workshop and is contemplating suicide. - Age: 35 to 45 Karen An attractive, intelligent, hyper woman who is going to help at the quilting workshop. She fears going to the LGBT center as she is not gay but realizes she needs to go. -Age: 35 to 35 Cordelia Winthrop A stately and regal grandmother who lost her granddaughter to AIDS. She has commissioned a quilt pattern for Alison but won’t allow the family name to be put on it. - Age: 70 to 70 Vernon Dupace A dirt farmer from the south who is curious as to how he lost his son to AIDS. He is simpleminded and a bit naive. - Age: 40 to 50 Mrs. Pauline Polaski A mother from a small town in Ohio who feels that the rumors of her son dying from AIDS is gossip. She believes he died from pneumonia and that his roommate was only a friend. - Age: 40 to 50 Mikey A straight guy who performs with his friends as a rap group. Learns on his field trip to the Quilting workshop the girl he first had sex with has died of AIDS. - Age: 18 to 20 Paul A photographer. He serves as a friend to people at the center and it has changed his life. - Age: 35 to 45 Todd’s Mother The mother of Todd who sews the quilt on the opposite end of Todd’s lover. This moment brings them together. - Age: 45 to 55 Todd’s Lover The lover of Todd. He sews one end of the quilt as Todd’s mother sews the other. Age: 30 to 40 Timmy Bell A short, energetic skater who reminisces about Peter, a fellow skater who he lost to AIDS. Timmy is also HIV positive and doing all he can to enjoy the time he has left. He eventually starts to date Wes after meeting him at the Center. - Age: 20 to 28 Stuart A precise, neat and orderly antique dealer who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. He lost his friend but was left with the friend’s cat and bird upon his death. - Age: 50 to 55