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PERSONALS Comedy-Musical Revue in 2 acts. Book & Lyrics by David Crane, Seth Friedman & Marta Kauffman. Music by William Dreskin, Joel Philip Friedman, Seth Friedman, Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz & Michael Skloff Minetta Lane Theatre, New York - 24 November, 1985 New End Theatre, London - 3 September, 1998. SYNOPSIS Personals is a collection of comic scenes, monologues and songs. It is a comedy and musical revue with some throughline book characters. The opening of Personals sets the tone and involves a primary theme in the show. What is written in personal newspaper ads and the responses that are received. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Nothing to Do With Love (Music by Stephen Schwartz) - Company • After School Special (Music by William Dreskin) - Louis, Company • Mama's Boys (Music by Seth and Joel Philip Friedman) - Clair, Kim, Typsetter, Company • A Night Alone (Music by Michael Skloff) - Sam, Claire, Company • I Think YOu Should Know (Music by Seth and Joel Philip Friedman) - Kim • Second Grade (Music by Michael Skloff) - Guys • Imagine My Surprise (Music by William Dreskin) - Claire • I'd Rather Dance Alone (Music by Alan Menken) - Company • Moving In With Linda (Music by Stephen Schwartz) - Sam, Elaine, Marilou, Rene, Company • A Little Happiness (Music by Seth and Joel Philip Friedman) - Typesetters • I Could Always Go To You (Music by Alan Menken) - Louise, Claire • The Guy I Love (Music by William Dreskin) - Louise • Michael (Music by William Dreskin) - Kim • Picking Up the Pieces (Music by Seth and Joel Philip Friedman) - Louise, Tape Voices • Some Things Don't End (Music by Stephen Schwartz) - Company DISCOGRAPHY Personals: The Comedy Musical Revue (1998 Original London Cast)