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PERILS OF SCOBIE PRILT Musical. Music, lyrics and book by Julian More and Monty Norman. New Theatre, Oxford - 12 June, 1963 (7 perfs) A science fiction spoof musical. - directed by Peter Hall and starring Nyree Dawn Porter and Mike Sarne. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Night Train to Nipz 2. Thinks 3. The Third Mack 4. You Need Someone 5. Harris 6. Russian Roulette 7. Cahoots 8. Don't Think About Me 9. Hullo-Goodbye 10. The Perils of Scobie Prilt 11. Fifteen Borders Later 12. Lights Out Little Soldier 13. The Big But's Base 14. Under the Influence 15. Down Your Street 16. Night Plane toSan Cristo 17. You Can't Make Me