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SINGING ROLES: Young Morgan - Alto Young Arthur - Treble Young Guinevere - Mezzo The Merlin - Tenor King Pellinore - Baritone Kay - Baritone Morgan Le Fay - Alto Arthur Pendragon - Tenor Guinevere/Loathly Lady - Soprano Lady of the Lake - Soprano 4 Attendants - 2 Mezzos, 2 Altos SATB Chorus Speaking Roles: There are many other characters with short sung solos or exclusively speaking roles. In the Pit Piano, Synthesiser, Double Bass, Flute doubling Alto Flute, Pan Pipes (transcription for Clarinet available), Horn in F (transcriptions for Trumpet and Trombone available), Percussion (Glockenspiel, Timpani, Tamtam, Cymbals, Snare Drum, Bass D, Mark Tree, Triangle, Woodblock, Claves, Shaker/Eggs, 2 Trap Trays) On Stage, if possible Gamelan (or other similar percussion), Harp Note to the Musical Director Pendragon is an ensemble piece for a versatile company. Every member of the cast should play various roles and principal singers should take part in many of the chorus numbers. The score is essentially piano-based. The horn part is technically demanding - hence the transcriptions for trumpet/ trombone. Percussion can be played by one versatile player, although two or more players is preferable. An Indonesian gamelan formed part of the stage set in the original production and was played by members of the cast. If a gamelan is not available, a mixture of xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels and gongs can be an alternative. Sets and costumes can be simple. The original production used various rough-hewn rostra, fixed or moveable, and large canvas drapes to suggest a primeval cave and act as masking. Everyone can have a basic costume - a rough hessian top and trousers - over which can be worn cloaks, furs or simple dresses to represent particular characters. All can be impressionistic. Skeletal puppets represent the White Stag, the Black Raven, the Falcon and the Beast of Borrowdale and their manipulators should be seen. Masks of papier maché or plaster can be used to great effect. Simple solutions can be found for every technical problem. An actor holding a tall, rough stave against his apparently inanimate body becomes a tree. An actress playing an inanimate tree can imitate a baby crying at the same time if she is close enough to the nurse carrying the bundle. A strong floor-level back-light and shadow-cloth will create giants. Smoke, dry-ice and blue lighting gel will transform any space into the magical Lake of Avalon.