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SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1 A Vast Cave Scene 2 The Court of Uther, Caerleon Scene 3 The Forest near Caerleon Scene 4 The Nunnery, attached to Glastonbury Abbey Scene 5 The Abbey at Glastonbury, several months later Scene 6 The Merlin's Cell Scene 7 By a Wild Apple Tree in a Woodland Clearing Scene 8 In a Wood outside a Village Settlement Scene 9 The Falcon Scene 10 A Semi-Circle of Trees in the Forest Scene 11 The Battle Headquarters of Uther Pendragon Act 2 Scene 1 An Open Place Scene 2 The Court of King Leodegraunce Scene 3 The Shores of the Lake of Avalon Scene 4 The Coronation, Arthur's Court at Caerleon Scene 5 A Room in the Castle at Caerleon Scene 6 In the Country at Large Scene 7 The Court of Arthur Pendragon Scene 8 Somewhere Outside The Gate Scene 9 In a Forest Scene 10 On the Falcon Scene 11 In a Forest Scene 12 The Shores of the Lake of Avalon Scene 13 The Vast Cave of Scene One Application for a licence to perform Pendragon must be made, BEFORE REHEARSALS COMMENCE, to the publisher listed in the Showlist Vocal scores and libretti are available on sale only. : Orchestral material is available on hire only. MUSICAL NUMBERS - With original Cast Members • Sae-Draca - Company • Pendragon Calls - Company • Scene Two: The Court Of Uther - Company • My Little Child, My Brother / Send Her To The Nunnery - Katie Wilson, Matt Katon, Men • Scene Three: The Forest - Matt Katon, Men • Time Passing - Matt Katon • Adam Lay Y-Bounden / Deo Gracias - Katie Wilson, Susan Dale, Charlotte Hoare, Girls • Magnificat - Rebecca Lock, Katie Wilson, Matt Katon, Chorus • I’ve Tried To Say I Want Their Comfort - Katie Wilson • Scene Six: The Merlin’s Cell = Matt Katon, Daniel Allwood • I Don’t Want To Grow Up / Let Me Go - Daniel Allwood, Matt Katon, James Hoare, Tom Chambers • King Pellinore’s Tale - Tom Chambers, James Hoare, Daniel Allwood • Scene Seven: The Apple Tree / Morgan’s Temptation - Katie Wilson, Daniel Allwood, James Hoare • Scene Eight: The Woods / Kelemon - Daniel Allwood, James Hoare, Boys