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PELL-MELL Revue by Fred Thompson and Morris Harvey. Music: Nat D. Ayer. Lyrics: Clifford Grey and Hugh E. Wright. Ambassador Theatre, London - 5 June 1916 (298 perfs) The Cast included: Nat D. Ayer, Helen Beltramo, Alice Delysia, Morris Harvey, Dorothy Mimo, Leon Morton, Moya Nugent. The Programme included: • Wonderful island • Summer days • Delysia (Waltz song) • I'm a musical comedy bus'ness man • The Jabberab-jee • You've got to do it • I'd like to know what Cleopatra did • Never let your right hand know what your left hand's going to do • Wonderful island • Three little boys and three little girls • There's a world full of love in your heart (Celeste by Nat D. Ayer) • The right place for meeting is the Piccadilly tube MD: Edward Jones