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PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED Musical in 2 acts. Music by Bob Gaudio; Lyrics by Jerry Leichtling; book by Arlene Sarner and Jerry Leichtling based on their film script, Shaftesbury Theatre, London: Opened 20 August, 2001. Closed 13th October, 2001. SYNOPSIS: The show opens with Peggy sue asking where did it all go wrong. The year is 1985: her husbandm Charliem has had an extra-marital fling and she is about to get divorced. But then, by a piece of unexplained theatrical magic, she is whisked back to 1960 and high school, She still has the memories of a 42 year-old, but she is given the chance to live her teenage life all over again. Will she settle for Charlie the second time round, or will she elope to Paris with leather-jacketed Michael, the class's beat poet, or even find happiness with bespectacled Richard, the class's star scientist? The music is a medley of popular styles from the periods in question. MUSICAL NUMBERS: • You Still Sing to Me • Yesterday Tonight • Crown of Love • One of the Guys • When You Get a Girl Alone • This Time Around • New Car Smell • Like An Angel • It's Gotta Be Now • The Truth of Youth • Raw Youth • I Can't See Myself Without You • Two Kinds of Fire • Bad Girls Do (What Good Girls Won't) • I've Done Nothing But Love You • When You Get a Girl Alone (reprise) • Bongo Beat • Did Ya Do It • You're Carrying My Dreams • Nights Like This • Finale: Crown of Love - All That Love Can Do - I Can't See Myself Without You CAST • Peggy Sue • Evelyn • Doug • Miss Grano • Danny • Delores • Arthur • Mr Kalodney • Walter • Joe • Linda • Maddy • Carol • School Nurse • Richard • Charlie • Jack • Michael