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POCAHONTAS Musical in 2 acts: Music, lyrics and book by Kermit Goell, based on his novel Pocahontas. Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith - 14 November, 1963 (12 perfs) SYNOPSIS Captain Smith heads an expedition to the New World and is confronted by some half-naked Indians (and some half-baked dialogue). He then meets a chorus of Indian maidens (wearing bikinis), amongst them Pocohontas, the daughter of the Indian chief. Some Dorothy Lamour-Ray Milland dialogue ensues (covered by a programme note which states the Author recognises the historical deviations necessitated in the creation of this musical). Programme Note: (Historical note on Pocahontas) The story of Pocahontas, John Smith and John Rolfe is, perhaps, the most famous of American legend. It has survived the forgetfulness of time, only because each of these three characters was a person of such force that they have left a permanent mark on early American history. Pocahontas was born in approximately 1595. She was the daughter of Powhatan, a powerful along Queen Indian chief who ruled much of the Atlantic coastline from Florida to new England. In 1607, when an English settlement was established at the Jamestown, Virginia, Pocahontas, then about 12, prevailed on her father to spare the life of John Smith, one of the colony’s leaders, who was captured and sentenced to death. The veracity of this incident has long been disputed by historians, but recent research puts this as a fact beyond doubt. Pocahontas loved John Smith with a childish affection, but he was injured in an explosion and sent back to England before their romance ever reached fruition. Pocahontas was told that he was dead. In 1613 she was betrayed to the English and held as a hostage for her father’s good behaviour. It was then that she met John Rolfe, a young widower, who was trying to grow West Indian tobacco. Love followed and Rolfe’s petition to the colony’s martial, Sir Thomas Dale, to be permitted to marry her, underline some of the social and religious problems opf the period, and may still be seen in the Ashmolean library. In 1616 Dale took Pocahontas and Rolfe to London, where she was received at the court of James I. Within a year, she was taken ill and died just after she was to sail for Virginia. She is buried at Gravesend. Rolfe went on and founded the tobacco industry in America. The author recognises the historical deviations necessitated in the creation of this musical. CAST • Tom Savage • George Cassen • Captain Newport • Captain Dale Wingfield • Archer • Rev. Whittaker Hunt • Radcliffe • George Percy • Gosnold • Captain John Smith • Winnuska • Rawhunt • Pocahontas • Namuntak • Powhatan • Anthony • Sally Gates • Julie Gates • John RolfeR • William Savage • Tilly • Sally • Londoner • King James • Queen Anne • 1st Thug • 2nd Thug • Singing Ensemble • Dancing Ensemble: